Fig: Where I Stumble Into a Good Meal From The Bungalow

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FIG Resturant

A relatively new option in Santa Monica, Fig is within the entrance of the Fairmont Hotel.  I highly recommend a drink at The Bungalow before dinner but that is another story.

In general I stay away from restaurants located in hotels.  Maybe I associate the free breakfast buffet or continental breakfast between the hours of 7am – 10am as hotel dining.  Much like airports, hotels need to keep up with the demand of their consumer and the consumer today demands good food.  Fig feels divorced from it’s host, The Fairmont Hotel, with a separate bar area and large open air dinning area.

Having visited Fig a few times now, it is consistently good and there are a few dishes that are standouts among the rest.  The Curried Lamb Ribs Appetizer with Tzatziki is excellent, the spice and char give the ribs a nice smoky flavor that is perfectly balance with the yogurt.  They are a little fatty but that is true of lamb ribs.  Salads can be hard to get excited about but the Blistered “Little Gem” Romain Hearts are a perfect start to a meal, with plenty of crunch even after they are charred.  The ceviche is a lighter way to start your meal and every bit as  flavorful, described by my dining partner as ‘Tomato Soup bursting with fresh seafood”.

While characterized as a Starter on the menu the Carlsbad Mussels make for a perfect Entree.  Steamed in an aromatic broth of wine and herbs, don’t let it go to waste and sop it up with the toasted baguette.  The Twelve-Ounce NY Strip Steak is aged 32 days and has a wonderful flavor, depending on how many smaller plates you ordered to start it is large enough for two to share.  A solid vegetarian option the Vegetable Curry is well seasoned and each vegetable is perfectly cooked, each perfectly distinguishable in the Curry Sauce.  As a side the Fried Green Tomatoes are full of flavor, sweet and tart, with a gravy on top.  During one meal the breading did fall off but the flavors are excellent so it is easy to forgive the breading flaw.

101 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 9040