More Copycat Dessert & Side Recipes So You Can Become a Fast Food Chef

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After the success of the first copycat recipes we thought we’d do a little more detective work to find even more chain restaurant recipes that you can master in the privacy of your own kitchen.  Impress the fam with these:

1.  How to Make Copycat Mac & Cheese Like Panera’s

Here’s one that I’ll need to pop my lactose pill for, but will be well worth it.  Well worth it.  Although my body may reject mac and cheese that doesn’t consist of bright orange cheese powder.  I’ll let you know.  (Get the Recipe)

2.  How to Make Copycat Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Like Baskin Robbins


Combining my two favorite things: mint and chocolate chip.  If you want it to look more natural and not bright green, just skip the food coloring.  (Get the Recipe)

3.  How to Make Copycat Pancakes from IHOP

how-to-make-ihop-pancakes-recipe I will miss the terrible service and drunks passed out at the other table, but these pancakes really are amazing.  Surprise your family and instruct them to tip you, you know, for sport.  (Get the Recipe)

4.  How to Make Copycat Choco Tacos

how-to-make-choco-tacos Spoiler alert:  Choco tacos was my go-to staple for lunch every day in high school.  Thank God I didn’t know how to make these back then.  (Get the Recipe)

5.  How to Make a Copycat 7-11 Slurpee

how-to-make-7-11-Cherry-Slurpee I do love going into a local 7-11, as it’s like free dinner theatre.  But I have to admit this cherry icy is top notch and very comparable.  (Get the Recipe)

6.  How to Make a Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Scone

At least they can’t get your name horribly wrong when you make this at home yourself.  Gotta love a vanilla scone and the pride of making it with your won two hands.  Or one hand and one hook.  Either way, so good. (Get the Recipe)

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