The 8 Most Annoying People You Encounter During the Beginning of Spring

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It’s spring (according to the calendar and nothing else)! Truth be told, I never thought we’d see the day.  After what seems like 432 consecutive days of sub-zero temperatures, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  The good news is there is snow in the forecast for today, so we lose.  Anyway, along with the first day of spring comes the highly anticipated day when the mercury hits 57 degrees….it’ll happen any day now (and for no days in a row).  This sudden spike in temperature reveals quite the cast of characters.

*Disclaimer: I may, or may not fall into some of these categories:

1.  Guy In His Convertible

That’s a little aggressive, no?  I’m pretty sure you’re creating your own wind chill of about -16 degrees once you get on the highway.  And do me a favor…if you’re going to put the top down, roll the windows down too.  At this point it’s go big, or go home. (That’s what she said).

2.  Guy In Shorts and a Tank Top

Come on with this.  If it were 57 degrees in October, girls would be talking about Ugg boots and hoodies and Pumpkin Latte returning to Dunkin Donuts.  Once it hits 2PM the temperature is going to drop 25 degrees.  Clean it up.

 3.  Guy Still in Winter Gear

I applaud you.  You’re nobody’s fool.  You look like you’re headed to the North Mountain and you own it.  You’re not embarrassed when Tank Top Guy drives by in his convertible.  You couldn’t be more ready for 2PM.

4.  Guy Washing His Car

Hey buddy!  This guy is pretty good too.  While the rest of us just drive our cars through the “touchless”  car wash to get the winter salt off, this guy commits.  You’ve turned your driveway into Sonny’s Car Wash (if it were in the club).  Music, floor mats out, hose, buckets, vacuum etc.  I like it.

5.  Guy Who Posts the Temperature From His Phone

Really? Because after doom and gloom, there’s nothing the news likes to report on more than the weather.  More than likely channel 5 has already told us 906 times before 8AM that it’s going to be 57 degrees.  Thanks for posting it on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, but we’re good.  This isn’t brand new information.

6.  Guy Wondering if the Sun is Strong Enough to Get a Tan

This is the best.  I feel like we’ve all been here.  This conversation comes up after being outside for any reason at all, and for longer than 15 minutes.  “Do you think I can get a little sun today?”  “Do I look like I got any sun?”  “Are my cheeks a little pink?”   “I totally feel like I could almost get a tan today.” “Is the sun different in March than it is in June?”

7.  Guy Who’s Not Sure Whether to Dress for Winter or Summer

It’s like you can tell it’s kind of nice out…but similar to winter guy, you’re not totally sold.  Better to be safe and go with jeans, no socks, sneakers and a vest with a short sleeve t-shirt underneath.  You can always take the vest off, right?

8.  Guy Who Can’t Stop Talking About How Nice it is Out

“Oh my God, it’s soooooooo nice out!”   “Can you believe this weather we’re having?”   “Finally!”   “I can’t believe how nice it is out.”   “Oh my God, I’m sweating!”   “After the winter we’ve had?!”   “We really should eat outside today.”

We totally should, I could use a tan.