The Official Flower Hipster Beard is Here

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I’m not sure if it’s hip to say ‘hipster’ anymore, but who can keep up…really?  A grown out beard is still a facial statement piece, but this time around we’re seeing the latest trend;  flowers in your beard.  Can we still do #FlowerBeard?  Flip through our 12 favorite beards with a variety of flowers strategically placed in them.  Swipe left!

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After seeing the success of those Christmas beard bulbs, we knew it was only a matter of time we’d see ways for guys to decorate their beards in the warmer months.  Presenting the Flower Beard.  If you’re looking to kick your traditional beard style up a notch this year, think about tossing some flowers in it.  It’s basically a layup of a conversation starter.  Or people will run the other way.  Either way, you’re making some form of a statement.   Flip through the above slideshow (swipe left) to see our 12 favorites of the upcoming spring season.  Best of luck.

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