My Thanksgiving Inspiration, Dessert by Christina Tosi of Momofuko Milk Bar

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Christina Tosi can do no wrong, go to the Milk Bar if you need confirmation.  Her desserts and treats are as delicious as they are fun.  I am a sucker for the corn cookie, the blueberry marshmallow cookie is hard to pass up too, oh and then there is the crack pie and the birthday cake truffles.  I could go on and on but there are no bad choices at the Milk Bar.

Want to wow your Thanksgiving guests then watch the video and make the Celery Root Cake, that Ms. Tosi discusses.  A riff on the traditional Carrot Cake will certainly make for a fun and delicious dessert this year.

If you can’t trust your baking skills you can always buy the Pumecapple Piecake, check it out here.