Guess Which Professional Sports Team Dressed Up As the Cast of Frozen

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If you guessed the Boston Celtics….you’d be wrong.  If you guessed the Boston Bruins, you’d be right!  But before you get ready to write us some nastygrams about the Bruins sucking (along with the Pats, Celtics, Walhbergs and everything else Boston) this was for a good cause.

In the leading role of Elsa, Dougie Hamilton lead the rest of the “cast” to visit Boston Children’s Hospital on Monday to spend time with some kids who could certainly use some cheering up.  It takes a real man to sport a side-braid. And  in case you’re confused about who’s who and will need to give your therapist specific names and characters after this has been burned into your brain, here goes it from left to right:

Kevan Miller as Kristoff
Matt Fraser as Anna
Matt Bartkowski as Sven
Seth Griffith as Hans
Torey Krug as Olaf
Dougie Hamilton as Elsa

Say what you want about the Bruins and/or how Frozen has taken over the lives of every parent in America (and everyone else across this small little globe), but this was a class move and for a great cause.  Plus, I have to admit I’m pretty psyched to know there’s an adult Olaf costume out there and, well, there’s still time!