Our Day Has Come. We Don’t Have to Put Up With Man Pens Anymore. That’s PENS.

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bic pens for her funny amazon reviews 2015

Every once in a while, a company comes out with a product that makes me wonder…what DIDN’T make it?  It’s like, if this got the green light, what’s on the cutting room floor?  You just know some guy was like, eh whatever…it’s Friday and I want to go home and drink myself through the weekend…so here.

I present to you BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen.  That’s right ladies, our day has finally come.  We don’t have to put up with man ball pens anymore.  That’s PENS.  Clean it up.  Thankfully, through the magic of the internet we can read reviews on products before us women get all crazy and start clicking “add to cart.”  Check out 10 of the most helpful ones via the Amazon:

1.  It Hurts to Think For Yourself?





2.  Stealth







3.  Danger!






4.  Missing Something?








5.  The Gift That Keeps On Giving






6.  Gone Fishin’






7.  The Woman With All the Ideas





8.  Less Writing, More Sandwiches






9.  Lady’s Days





10.  A Girl In Trouble





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