The 21 Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Prop Bets

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20 Best and Worst Super Bowl Prop Bets 2016 - Superbowl 50

The big game is upon us and while you should all make sure you don’t turn into any one of these guys, if you wanted to place some (purely for recreational purposes only) wagers on some prop bets, we at Brostrick are going to show you the best, and worst prop bets of the weekend. Some of these, quite frankly, if you’re betting you should get help.

Best Prop Bets:

1.  Carolina Panthers -14.5, +350

Most experts don’t see many ways in which Denver can compete in this game. If that’s the case, why not take an alternate line and see if you can make some money. Peyton Manning isn’t a newbie to getting smoked in the Superbowl so we think there’s some value here.

2.  Denver Broncos -3.5, +330

I’m clearly no expert, as I think the Bronco’s have a fighters chance in this game and if they can win outright, why not make some money and have them winning by more than a field goal.

3.  Denver Broncos -7.5, +475

Same logic as before but make more money on it. “The story” tends to happen more often than not in sports and although Cam Newton would be quite a story, Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset like Elway, on Elway’s team would certainly be a story.

4.  Opening Coin Toss – Tails, -102

Tails never fails (except when it loses).

5.  Will either Team score in the final 2 minutes of the first half – Yes, -250

Lay the chalk. It’ll happen.

6.  Will both teams make a 33 yard or longer field goal – Yes, +110

Two coaches with good defenses at their disposal and good kickers = this prop hits for plus value.

7.  Longest Field Goal of Game – Yes, -110

Hit this inside the final 2 minutes of the first half and thank me in the morning.

8.  Will there be a successful 2 point conversion – Yes, +330

Hit this one in Saints – Broncos and always think with a running QB like Newton and the Extra Point pushed back, why not take a shot here.

9.  Will the game be tied after 0-0 (6-6 followed by 7-6 doesn’t count) – Yes, EVEN

Why not? Could easily be 3-3 start.

10.  Longest rush by Mike Tolbert – Under 5.5, -110

He gets goal line carriers and short yardage carries and I don’t think the middle will be open much. See this as Under. If he doesn’t run the ball at all, the under hits.

11.  Total Solo & Assisted Tackles by Luke Kuechly – Over 8.5 -110

He’ll be all over the place, and Denver likes to run. This could hit after 3 quarters.

12.  Total Receiving Yards by Owen Daniels – Under 15.5, -110

Kuechly and Davis at LB = Daniels without much production. Carolina won’t bust in coverage like the Patriots did.

13.  Total Receiving Yards by Jordan Norwood – Over 17.5 -110

Kind of a hunch play. Norwood could be matched up on a bad corner or on a LB and he’s fast. He catches one crossing route with speed and he could hit this over.

14.  Russell Westbrook Points + Assists +2.5 vs Cam Newton Rushing Yards – Newton Rushing Yards -2.5, -110

This prop spans over 2 days so you can root against Westbrook and for the Warriors on Saturday night then root for Newton on Sunday. If Westbrook hits his average for this year this total is 34. I think Newton runs for over 34 yards on Sunday.

Worst Prop Bets:

1.  Kristaps Porzingis Points -1.5 vs. Panthers & Broncos 2nd Quarter Points.

I mean, huh?

2. UConn points vs East Carolina -8.5 vs. Jonathan Stewart Rushing Yards.

There’s no more sufferable group of people than UConn basketball fans and even having a reason to pay attention to their game against East Carolina in a matched up conference with zero history to itwhatsoever is a total waste.

3.  St Louis vs St Bonaventure total points -29.5 vs. Peyton Manning first half gross passing yards

Lot of moving parts here. Gross passing yards vs. net…two schools in the A-10, I mean only a hardcore A10 hoop fan like UmassReturntoGlory would take this.

4.  SMU / South Florida margin of victory +1.5 vs. Largest lead by Carolina or Denver.

Somewhere somebody is trying to figure this one out. And I’m not going out on a limb saying that someone doesn’t have a whole lot going on in their life.

5.  Hofstra First half points against James Madison -13.5 vs. Broncos points for the game.

Absolutely ridiculous. Where do they come up with these?

6.  Jozy Altidore goals +200 vs Cam Newton -240

7.  Chelsea / Manchester United yellow cards EVEN vs. Different Panthers with Rush Attempts -120

Siggggghhhhhh, soccer people trying to nose their way into everything nowadays.

Props I couldn’t find: Will there be overtime? Yes. One of these years its bound to happen.