Bar None: The Best Tie Clips Your Shirt Needs, STAT!

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…because a tie bar and tie clip is both functional and stylish all at the same time.  Bling out your tie and let your personality shine through.  Shop our picks for the top ten tie bars and clips for 2023.
tie bar tie clip guide 2015

We get asked a lot if the ship has sailed on the tie bar & clip trend.   Here’s the thing; to us it’s not a trend.  It’s classic, traditional, fully functional and fun.  Sure Mad Men helped bring this tie accessory back, but they’re really here to stay.

*Tip* Place your tie bar/clip between the third and fourth button of your dress shirt and make sure it fits the tie (it shouldn’t be wider than the tie itself).

1.  Thom Browne Silver Tie Clip – Buy It Here For $570


Buy Now On Sale: $570

2.  Ox and Bull Trading Co ‘Golf Club’ Tie Clip – Buy It Here For $45


Buy Now On Sale: $45

3.  Paul Smith ‘Stripe’ Tie Bar (Mutli-Color/Silver) – Buy It Here For $150


Buy Now On Sale: $150

4.  Alexander McQueen ‘Skull & Sword’ Tie Bar – Buy It Here For $235


Buy Now On Sale: $235

5.  Trafalgar ‘Raised Dot’ Tie Bar in Silver – Buy It Here For $65


Buy Now On Sale: $65

6.  Silver ‘Hockey Stick’ Tie Clip – Buy It Here For $40


Buy Now On Sale: $40

7.  David Donahue Sterling Silver Tie Clip – Buy It Here For $85


Buy Now On Sale: $85

8.  Ox & Bull ‘Tennis Racquet’ Tie Clip – Buy It Here For $40


Buy Now On Sale: $40

9.  Stainless Steel & Black Enamel Tie Clip – Buy It Here For $60


Buy Now On Sale: $60

10.  Guitar Tie Clip in Silver – Buy It Here For $45


Buy Now On Sale: $45

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