Brighten Things Up With Our 6 Favorite Teeth Whitening Kits & Devices

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Teeth Whitening Kits That Work 2023 - At Home Teeth Whitener Devices, Trays, LED Lights 2023

It’s officially time to whiten our smiles. With the amount of Zoom calls we’ve all been on lately (mainly pantsless) the one thing everyone can easily judge us on is our smile.  So let’s get those teeth white because, really, it’s all that we really have left anymore.

There are so many great options for removing stains and brightening your smile without a trip to the dentist (although, we always recommend to def check in with your dentist on the regular if you can).  However, our dentist discouraged us from making an appointment for teeth whitening years ago.  Imagine?  Instead they encouraged us to try Crest Whitestrips (my personal favorite and, no, they’re not paying us to say that).

Some whitening systems and kits will do the entire job themselves, while others are meant to be part of your daily routine (we’re looking at you fancy toothpaste).  Results will vary depending on some of your habits (coffee, wine and cigarettes), but below are some of the best (tried-and-true) options and current best sellers for teeth whitening kits, systems, devices (yes, lights), trays, syringes and pastes (phew!) that’ll keep your mouth fresh, clean, and shockingly white just in time for the holidays or any event you have coming up.  We’re joking.  Everything is canceled.  See you on Zoom!


The Classic Crest Whitestrips 1-Hour Express Kit – Shop It Here

Crest / Amazon

Buy Here

This is the perfect pick especially if you don’t want to spend a ton, don’t have a lot of time, and really want to kick the shade of your teeth up a few notches.  We almost want to end our recommendations with just this mainly because we use them on the regular and they really (really, really, really) do work amazingly well.

The kit comes with 20 treatments and you only need to use 1 treatment per session.  The best part?  It’s just 1 hour.  That’s it!  Remember the ones that were 1 hour and you had to use them every day for 14 days?  The worst.  So give these a go when you need your teeth whitened on the double and don’t feel like committing to things like trays, lights, devices, etc.


✔︎  Fast acting (1-hour treatment).
✔︎  Removes up to 14 years of stains (coffee, wine, etc).
✔︎  It legit works!


✘  The taste isn’t the best ever.
✘  Minor sensitivity if you use it too often.


The GLO Deluxe Teeth Whitening Device Kit – Shop It Here

GLO Science / Amazon

Buy Here

This is the perfect pick when it comes to actual devices that are, you know, actually affordable!  It’s currently one of the top sellers on Amazon this month and is surprisingly easy to use.  It seamlessly combines the brand’s GLO warming heat and light that helps whiten your teeth, painlessly, in about 8 minutes per treatment.  It was even created by celeb dentist (to the stars!) Dr. Levine and has been covered by beauty brands like Harper’s BAZAAR, Refinery 29, and more.


✔︎  Perfect for those who usually have teeth sensitivity.
✔︎  Each session is only 8-minutes.
✔︎  Most will see amazing pro-like results in as little as 5 days.


✘  It’s a bit on the expensive side.
✘  While treatment time is short, you need to do it multiple times per day.


The AuraGlow Kit & LED Light – Shop It Here

AuraGlow / Amazon

Buy Here

It you’re looking for an amazing teeth whitening kit and don’t want to have to spend a ton, this is your best bet.  We tried it and felt like it really worked and we kind of felt like we were a professional, thanks to the LED light, teeth whitening gel that’s in the syringes and, of course, those famous trays.  This particular one currently has more than 18,000 ratings and reviews on Amazon, which is pretty bananas.

You’ll use this one just once per day for only 30 minutes and it’ll help get rid of stains from your endless coffee drinks, all that wine, soda stains, and so much more.  In fact, you’ll actually start to see an actual difference after just one treatment.


✔︎  The price is totally do-able.
✔︎  You know you’re done when the device beeps.  So no guessing!
✔︎  You’ll see a visible difference after just one time.


✘  Kind of a lot of pieces.


The PerioSciences Oral Care Whitening System – Shop It Here

PerioSciences / Dermstore

Buy Here

If you want to try something that’s a natural treatment to help you whiten and brighten your smile, give this one a whirl.  We love how it’s not filled with all sorts of odd chemicals (phew!) and won’t really make our teeth sensitive after or during treatments.  This systems main ingredients include Vitamin C, Antioxidants, and Titanium Dioxide. It comes with 3 different essentials; the pro toothpaste, the pro rinse, and the pro gel.


✔︎  Natural treatments with ingredients you know.
✔︎  Doesn’t really make your teeth sensitive.
✔︎  Perfect for those who may have sore gums.


✘  A bit on the pricer side when compared to drugstore brands.


The SNOW At-Home Teeth Whitener System – Shop It Here

Snow / Amazon

Buy Here

Wanna feel like a pro dentist in your own home?  Go with the SNOW system.  It’s consistently a top seller on Amazon with almost 1,000 customer reviews and ratings.  This one comes with a mouthpiece that, via the light and the whitening gel will help kick up the shade of your teeth a couple of notches.  It’s even safe for sensitive teeth and can be used by people who have braces, caps, crowns, veneers, and more.


✔︎  Legit dentist-quality results.
✔︎  Treatment is only 9-minutes per day.
✔︎  Can be used by people wearing braces or those that have caps, veneers, bridges, crowns and more.


✘  A pit pricey for the whole system.
✘  If you’re not into the mouth pieces, take a pass on this one.


The C.O. Bigelow Marvis Mint Whitening Toothpaste – Shop It Here

C.O. Bigelow / Nordstrom

Buy Here

Ok, so here’s the thing.  Don’t freak.  We know we just included a toothpaste and not a kit but, trust, this one really does help kick those pearly whites up a notch or two and is something to def check out especially after you’ve had your teeth whitened and want to keep them that way.  We could have gone with a drugstore brand, but let’s live a little!   This must-try toothpaste carries out its whitening activity when you use it and the mint helps protect your teeth and makes it taste pretty darn good.


✔︎  Super simply process (just brush your teeth!).
✔︎  Extremely affordable.
✔︎  Helps to increase whiteness and keep it that way.


✘  Not a complete system so if your teeth really need extra help, go with a kit instead.

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