We are THIS Close to a Chipotle Emoji!

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…because how many times can you really use the poop emoji or the finger point into a hole with a sidewards winky face? 200? 559 times? Comedy genius and exceptional artist-to-the-stars, Avery Monsen, worked with the folks over at Funny or Die to come up with some brilliant rejected emojis. Here are the ones I need in my life…STAT.

1.  Because when my lactose intolerance clears itself up and I’m back on cheese, I’m going to need a little help:



2.  Because he was always more than wooden teeth and cherry trees…as am I:



3.  Because it’s high-time we all took a stand:



4.  Because driving around in a rusty van with wood paneling will eventually catch up with you:



5.  Because at the end of the day, we’re all Laura Dern:


6.  Because it’ll eventually turn into prison stripes :

7.  Because we’ll always keep our feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars:



And you can always play the “Rejected Emoji” Vine game by hitting pause and enjoying over 99 new rejected emojis.  It’s why the Internet was invented.