Hip to Be Square: Best Pocket Squares for Men

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…because suits can typically be boring, but these pocket squares can breathe new life into your look.  Flip through our 13 favorites in 2015.

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The 2015 Pocket Square Collection Guide:



Look, pocket squares aren’t a requirement anymore but, well, either is underwear for that matter.  While classic in style, the pocket square allows you to express your individuality in the most subtle way possible.  As you grow and evolve, so does the square.  Whether you play it safe in traditional white, show your adventurous side in camo green or let everyone know you’re on trend with the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015; Marsala, you get to decide what your pocket square says about you.  Flip through the above slideshow for our 13 favorite picks and find out how to get these two favs of the season:

Best Pocket Square for Spring 2015:  Indigo Chambray


The “Take a Chance” Pocket Square:  Vine Print in Pine Green


And learn how to fold a pocket square in a variety of ways.

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