Rack ‘Em Up: 8 Nail Polish Racks and Displays

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Nail Polish Racks

There’s nothing better than feeling organized.  Especially when it comes to beauty products.  Since most of us seem to accumulate a large amount of nail polish, it’s helpful to have everything in it’s place, so we can actually see what we have.  We’ve picked 8 different nail polish racks and displays (large and small) to help reel it in and keep things organized.

1.  Sodynee Nail Polish Table Rack Display (60 Bottles, 5 Rows)- Buy It Here For $18.99

Sodyne Nail Polish Rack

2.  40-Bottle Acrylic Nail Polish Riser- Buy It Here For $17.99

40 Bottle Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

3.  Jane Beauty Collection, Wall Nail Polish Organizer, Gold Dot- Buy It Here For $22.50

Pottery Barn Nail Polish Rack

4.  Dazone Nail Polish Wall Rack Organizer (Holds 50 Bottles of Nail Polish)- Buy It Here For $25.69

Dazone Wall Mount Nail Polish Rack

5.  Invisible Acrylic Nail Polish Rack – 3 Shelf Set – Wall Mount (Holds 45 Bottles)- Buy It Here For $29.99

Wall Mount Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

6.  Rotating Clear Acrylic 2 Tier Nail Polish Rack- Buy It Here For $17.99

Rotating Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

7.  Standish Salon Goods Rhiannon Nail Polish Display- Buy It Here For $43

Standish Salon Goods Rhiannon Nail Polish Rack

8.  Black Metal Salon Nail Polish Bottle OrganizerBuy It Here For $27.50

Black Metal Wall Mount Nail Polish Rack

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