Copper Mules: 9 Best Moscow Mule Mugs in 2023

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Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs 2016

Drinking your Moscow Mule out of anything except a copper mug is just pointless.  Really, don’t even bother.  Shop our picks for the 9 best copper Moscow Mule mugs you need in your life.

1.  Moscow Mule Mug:  Vintage Inspired Copper – Get it Here for $19.95


Buy Now On Sale: $19.95

2.  Moscow Mule Mugs:  24 oz Hammered Copper – Set of 4 – Get It Here for $73.10


Buy Now On Sale: $73.10

3.  Moscow Mule Mug:  14. oz Solid Copper in Hammered Natural Fire Patina – Get it Here for $19.99


Buy Now On Sale: $19.99

4.  Moscow Mule Mug:  Stainless Steel with Copper Finish – Get it Here for $19.95


Buy Now On Sale: $19.95

5.  Moscow Mule Mug:  Copper With Monogrammed Mule – Get it Here for $14.95


Buy Now On Sale: $14.95

6.  Moscow Mule Mug:  Smooth Copper w/ Monogram Option – Get it Here for $24


Buy Now On Sale: $24

7.  Moscow Mule Mug:  16 oz. Polished Copper by Williams Sonoma – Get it Here for $29.95


Buy Now On Sale: $29.95

8.  Moscow Mule Mug:  Polished Copper & Brass – Set of 2 by Pottery Barn – Get it Here for $44.50


Buy Now On Sale: $44.50

9.  Moscow Mule Mug:  Dark Hammered Copper by Pier 1 – Get it Here for $16.95


Buy Now On Sale: $16.95

We became obsessed with the Moscow Mule right around the time that Oprah started drinking them on the regular whilst camping.  Yes, that was a thing.  But besides Oprah instructing us to drink them we began loving them simply for how much better it tasted when served in the right copper mug.  Hell, anything would taste better in a copper mug.  Water?  Check.  Iced coffee?  Yes please.  Everything just stays so cold.  Forever.

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