8 UGGS for Men That Just May Surprise You in 2023

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UGGs for Men 2016 - Boots, Slippers, Hats, Gloves

We have to admit, we weren’t always the biggest fan of UGGs for men.  Sure, Tom Brady endorsing them made us take a second look, but we still weren’t convinced.  Now, however, we’re ready to jump on the UGG bandwagon thanks to some additional on-trend pieces we’re seeing this winter.  From classic boots, to hipster-like trapper hats, and the comfiest black leather slippers we’ve ever tried on, we’ve finally come around and suggest you give them a chance too.  Just another reason why we love all things Australian.  Shop our 8 favorite mens UGGs for the 2023 season.

1.  UGG Bloke II Suede Chelsea Boot in Chestnut – Buy It Here For $150
mens-ugg-boots-2016-sole 2

Buy Now On Sale: $150

2.  UGG Ascot Slipper in Black Leather with Wool & Dyed Shearling  – Buy It Here For $120


Buy Now On Sale: $120

3.  UGG McLain Buffalo Plaid Trapper Hat with Shearling – Buy It Here For $145


Buy Now On Sale: $145

4.  UGG Tweed Classic Mini Boots in Dark Brown – Buy It Here For $170

Buy Now On Sale: $170

5.  UGG Whip Black Leather Tech Gloves – Buy It Here For $135


Buy Now On Sale: $135

6.  UGG Men’s Hat and Glove Box Set in Heather Navy Blue – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

7.  UGG Brown Olsen Moccasin with Shearling Lining – Buy It Here For $110


Buy Now On Sale: $110

8. UGG Classic Contrast-Midsole Short Boots in Chestnut – Buy It Here For $195


Buy Now On Sale: $195