The 10 Coolest Men’s Leather Jackets of the 2023 Season

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2017 Best Mens Leather Jackets - Faux Leather Moto Biker Coats for Men 2016

Ode to the fall-into-winter leather coat.  If you’re still sporting your baggy leather coat from yesterday it’s time to hang it up, trade up, and find something that’s a bit trimmer in nature.  This year it’s all about the 50 shades of black motorcycle inspired leather coats.  Scan our picks for some of the trendiest men’s leather jackets this season, including some ‘faux’ options as, we hear you, it can be a bit much.

1.  Ralph Lauren Purple Label ‘Leather Biker’ Jacket – Buy It Here For $3,495


Buy Now On Sale: $3,495

2.  Acne Studios ‘Ian Shearling’ Leather Jacket – Buy It Here For $2,700


Buy Now On Sale: $2,700

3.  Ted Baker London Trim Fit Leather Bomber Jacket in Navy Blue – Buy It Here For $745


Buy Now On Sale: $745

4. Lamarque Leather Moto Jacket in Steel Grey – Buy It Here For $610


Buy Now On Sale: $610

5.  Vince Camuto Classic Zip-Up Black Leather Coat – Buy It Here For $398


Buy Now On Sale: $398

6.  Faux Leather Bomber Jacket in Olive Green – Buy It Here For $45


Buy Now On Sale: $45

7.  Baldwin ‘Johnny’ Leather Moto Jacket in Black – Buy It Here For $1,095


Buy Now On Sale: $1,095

8.  Leather Moto Jacket With Removable Hood – Buy It Here For $595


Buy Now On Sale: $595

9.  Wood-Wood ‘Dean’ Leather Jacket in Copper – Buy It Here For $795


Buy Now On Sale: $795

10.  Diesel Sheepskin Leather Coat for Men – Buy It Here For $598


Buy Now On Sale: $598

For us, sometimes the thought of incorporating a staple leather coat back into our wardrobe brings up bad memories of The Fonz or, better yet, Uncle Jessie from Full House.  Sport it with the same color black pants and you’re pretty much ready to be cast in any and all Godfather sequels they have lined up.  Rocking leather the right way takes a little finesse.  Truth be told it typical pairs well with your favorite jeans.  Dark leather coat = lighter jeans.  Brown leather coat = darker jeans.  Trust us.  Anything else and you’ll look like you’ve been trying too hard.

These moto jackets are definitely a must-have this season, plus the fit goes from trim to super slim.  Depending on the cut, your leather jacket can bring you from the weekend to an informal happy-hour.  So invest in one killer coat this season.  You won’t regret it.

Best Leather Jackets for Men 2015 - 2016

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