9 Fabulous Bath Bombs

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Every once in a while, it’s just necessary to turn your bathroom into a spa.  Bath bombs are a great way to transform your bath…because with so many to choose from, it’s easy to adjust the experience to fit your mood.  Scents are energizing, calming, peaceful or even sinus clearing.  And some of them are so darn cute, they make a great go-t0 gift (or keep it for yourself, we won’t judge).  Not to mention, who wouldn’t love to turn their bath water Caribbean blue?  Below are 9 options, so you can get zen right quick!

1.  Fizz & Bubble Large Bath Fizzy (shown in Hawaiian Lei, 12 scents available) – Check It Out Here For $6

Fizz & Bubble Large Bath Fizzy

Buy Now: $6

2.  LUSH Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb (earthy) – Check It Out Here For $7.50

LUSH Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb

Buy Now: $7.50

3.  Pure Sanctum X-Large Bath Bombs (set of 6) – Check It Out Here For $25

Pure Sanctum X-Large Bath Bombs

Buy Now: $25

4.  SpaGlo Birthday Girl Bath Bomb Cupcake (go-to gift) – Check It Out Here For $15

SpaGlo Birthday Girl Bath Bomb

Buy Now: $15

5.  Beauty By Earth Healing Collection (good to give or to keep!) – Check It Out Here For $27

Beauty By Earth Healing Collection Bath Bombs

Buy Now: $27

6.  Diva Stuff Sinus Relief Bath Bomb With Peppermint & Eucalyptus (good for colds and allergies) – Check It Out Here For $8

Diva Stuff Sinus Relief Bath Bomb

Buy Now: $8

7.  Blissful Bath I Dream of Sleeping Bath Bomb (unwind at the end of the day) – Check It Out Here For $7

Blissful Bath I Dream of Sleeping

Buy Now: $7

8.  SpaGlo Snowman Bath Bomb (chase away the winter blues) – Check It Out Here For $15

SpaGlo Snowman Bath Bomb

Buy Now: $15

9.  Nectar Bath Treats Cleanse Your Soul Bath Bomb (clear your mind) – Check It Out Here For $6

Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb

Buy Now: $6