By A Hair: 12 Decorative Hair Accessories

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Whether it’s to cover up a bad hair day, or glam up your look for a night out….Hair accessories are the most fun way to amp up your hair style.  From ponytail bracelets to beaded headbands and combs, we’ve got 12 options to dress your tresses and decorate your do…

1.  BP Metal Leaf Headband- Buy It Here For $12

BP Gold Metal Leaf Headband

2.  Capsule Ponytail Clip- Buy It Here For $18

Capsule Ponytail Cuff

3.  Full Circle Hair Clip Set- Buy It Here For $18

Full Circle Hair Clip Set

4.  Golden Blossom Bobby Set- Buy It Here For $32

Gold Bobby Pins

5.  Nina Antique Star Mini Hair Pins (Set of 3)- Buy It Here For $78

Star Hair Pins

6.  Hanging Foliage Hair Comb- Buy It Here For $149

Hair Comb

7.  Amber Sceats Pearl Pin Its (set off 4)- Buy It Here For $99

Pearl Pin Its

8.  Nikko Head Scarf (2 colors available)Buy It Here For $28

Nikko Head Scarf

9.  Beaded-Front Headwrap- Buy It Here For $8.90

Forever 21 Beaded Headwrap

10.  Braid Beaded Headband- Buy It Here For $4.90

Forever 21 Beaded Headband

11.  Pony Holder Bracelets- Buy It Here For $8

Pony Holder Bracelets

12.  Cara Blossom Clip (3 colors available)- Buy It Here For $22.80

Flower Clip

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