17 Best Monthly Food And Drink Subscription Boxes For 2023

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Subscription boxes seem to be everywhere these days.  From beauty and perfume, to toys and games.  Food and drink subscription boxes are perfect.  Not only are they a great way to treat yourself, they make the best gift – especially for the recipient who just seems to have everything.  There’s a lot to be said for gifts that can be consumed and with so many options, there’s definitely something for everyone.  Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Harry and David Fruit of the Month Club – Check It Out Here

Harry & David

The OG!  The signature classic fruit club starts at $89.99 for 3 months.  (6, 9 and 12 month options are available as well).  Harry and David will ship a new favorite fruit handpicked and delivered fresh each month.

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2.  Hello Fresh – Check It Out Here

Hello Fresh

The Classic Box features a variety of recipes for meat, fish, produce, and grains. Starting at $69 per week, choose dinner for 2 or for 4.  Then decide on 3, 4 or 5 meals per week.  Along with pre-measured, fresh ingredients, you’ll also receive recipes.

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3.  Cococletctic – Check It Out Here


Cococlectic, a Bean-To-Bar monthly chocolate subscription service, crafts American made chocolates that are non-GMO, all-natural, vegan, fair trade products.   And while they are are soy free, gluten free, dairy free and tree-nut free, they’re definitely not missing any flavor!  These are good.

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4.  Atlas Coffee Club, World Tour of Coffee – Check It Out Here

Atlas Coffee of the Month Club

A travel themed coffee of the month club, Atlas offers 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.  You’ll receive specialty grade coffee from a new country including coffee facts, tasting notes, and the recommended brewing method.   A unique postcard from each country and coffee bag designs inspired from local textiles landscapes add charming finishing touches.  They’ve also added a rewards program, so drink up (it pays off!).

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5.  Graze – Check It Out Here


Check out over 100 snacks, tell them what you like and they’ll put together a box and send it along.  These portion controlled snacks have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, contain no GM ingredients and have 0g trans fat.  Each 8 snack box costs $11.99.

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6.  Treatsie – Check It Out Here


Choose 5-6 treats for $19.95 or 10-12 treats for $31.95 (per box, billed monthly).  Each month you’ll get a box of delicious artisan sweets.  Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

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7.  Blue Apron – Check It Out Here

Blue Apron

Receive fresh ingredients, with seasonal recipes that are never repeated during the year.  Choose a 2 person plan, or plan for a family of 4.  Prices start at $59.94/week (for a 2 person, 3 meals a week plan) and $69.92/week (for a 4 person, 2 meals a week plan).

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8.  Carnivore Club – Check It Out Here

Carnivore Club

For $50 per month, subscribers receive a themed box filled with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats from top artisans from around the world.  A one-shot, one month option is also available for $55.  Meat lovers, rejoice!  Vegans, look away.

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9.  Turntable Kitchen – Check It Out Here

Turntable Kitchen

The “Pairings Box” is available as a 1 ($25), 3 ($75) or 6 ($150) month subscription.  Each box includes a 7″ vinyl record, digital mix tape, 1-2 premium ingredients and 3 seasonal recipes.  Perfect for the host with the most.

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10.  Try The World – Check It Out Here

Try The World

For $39 per month, subscribers receive a selection of gourmet foods—including ingredients to cook with, drinks, and snacks—from a new country each month.  (The price per box goes down if you commit to 12 months, paid upfront).

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11.  Mantry – Check It Out Here


Members receive six full sized food products, from America’s top artisan food makers, every 2 months.  Prices start at $49 for a delivery every 2 months.

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12.  Craft Beer Club – Check It Out Here

Craft Beer Club

For $39 a box, members receive 12 world class craft beers (4 different styles, 3 beers each).  A great way to sample craft beers from here, there and everywhere.

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 13.  Tea Sparrow – Check It Out 

Tea Sparrow

For $20 per month, members receive 4 loose leaf teas (read: about 35 cups of tea).  Each box includes both, herbal and caffeinated teas.  For the person who’s cup of tea is a cup of tea.

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14.  Candy Club – Check It Out Here

Candy Club

For $19.99 a month, members will receive a box full of candy.  You can choose your own candy, or let them curate a box for you.  For the kid, or kid at heart!

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15.  Love With Food – Check It Out Here

Love With Food

For $9.99 per month, receive all-natural, organic or gluten-free snacks.  Each box donates 1 meal to hungry children.

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16.  Jus by Julie – Check It Out Here

Jus By Julie

Ready to cleanse and detox?  Jus by Julie offers a subscription service of juices and soups.  Choose at least 2 juices, or at least 2 soups and receive your shipment on a weekly basis.

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17.  Eattiamo – Check It Out Here


Who doesn’t love Italian?  Eattiamo features gourmet Italian food, made in Italy!  Create authentic Italian dishes, using the highest quality ingredients.  You’ll receive 7 artisan products, along with easy to follow recipes that include an appetizer, main dish and dessert.  Serve up a 3 course meal that would make Nonna proud.  Mangia!

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