You’re An All Star: Top 10 Converse Chuck Taylors

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…because we love a classic sneaker in the summer.  Chuck Taylors have been around since 1917 and while they stayed true to their simple canvas sneaker they began to branch out with a variety of materials, designs and “guest” designers like John Varvatos.  Flip through our ten favorite Chuck Taylors this season.  [ Swipe Left ] [masterslider id=”228″]

best converse chuck taylors for men 2015 2016 canvas leather

Chuck Taylors pretty much go with almost anything you need to wear.  They make the perfecting pairing with a pair of shorts, your rolled up jeans or even when you can dress a bit more casual at work (guilty!).  We’re loving how far Chucks have come over the past few years with getting special treatment from designer John Varvatos or kicking it super old school with the classic Jack Purcell.  Laces or no laces?  Converse has you covered there too.  Flip through the above slideshow to browse our top picks of the season and look for these two award winners:

Best Converse Chuck Taylors of 2015:  Black Laceless Canvas ( $45.00 )

chuck taylors in black without laces 2015

Classic White Chuck Taylors by Converse for Summer ( $50.00 )

white chuck taylors for men by converse 2015 2016 canvas