7 Best College Basketball Hoodies This Season

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Best College Basketball Hoodies 2016 - College Sweatshirts for Men

With the final football game of the season a week away with the Super Bowl, most rabid sports fans shift gears towards college basketball. What better time to stock up on the best looking college logo hooded sweatshirt (Or hoodies as the kids call them).

Just be careful you don’t get the response I got from my wife when two of these showed up a month ago. And I quote: “Could you possibly order something that would make you MORE attractive some time?”

1.  University of North Carolina Tar Heels – Buy It Here For $18


Tobacco Road has been at the pinnacle of college basketball for a very long time. We start here with a great color, and a great logo. Plus, this year’s team with everybody back healthy can make a serious run at a late tournament appearance.

Buy Now On Sale: $18

2.  Syracuse Orange – Buy It Here For $18


A down year for their normal standard won’t stop us from stocking up on a solid color scheme and understated simple logo. Plus ‘Cuse guys are everywhere and you never know who you’ll wind up chatting up.

Buy Now On Sale: $18

3.  University of Texas Longhorns – Buy It Here For $18


There’s Orange, and then there’s burnt orange. Burnt orange is a great look.

Buy Now On Sale: $18

4.  Oregon Ducks – Buy It Here For $18


The school with a seemingly unlimited number of uniform combinations for its football team has an equally numerous hoodie selection. Neon is in with the kids…mine look like they’re radioactive on most days.

Buy Now On Sale: $18

5.  Kansas Jayhawks – Buy It Here For $18


The school with the best chant is also a rock solid color and logo combination. Don’t even need anything with Kansas written on it. The logo itself says it all.

Buy Now On Sale: $18

6.  Iowa Hawkeyes – Buy It Here For $18


Big comeback from the Iowa Hawkeye athletic program’s major sport teams this season with a very underrated logo. Not a huge fan of the yellow shirt, but again, bright is in.

Buy Now On Sale: $18

7.  Alabama Crimson Tide – Buy It Here For $18


The greatest college football program in the history of college football also has the greatest logo and best color scheme.

Buy Now On Sale: $18