The Most Inspiring Christmas Cupcakes & Decorating Ideas

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…because your heart is in the right place, but your baking talent may not be.  Get inspired by these crazy Christmas cupcakes.


We’re going on record stating that not only would we not know how to make any of these Christmas cupcakes, but we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to eat them correctly either.  Do you put the entire Christmas tree in your mouth at once or just take a bite and watch the entire thing fall apart?  And what about the snowman family?  Who goes first?  It’s like Sophie’s Choice: Holiday Edition.  Check out some of these creative cupcake decorating ideas!

1.  Best Christmas Cupcakes That are Christmas Trees


Get the Recipe Here

2.  Melted Snowman Cupcake Ideas for Christmas

Melted Snowman Cupcakes for Christmas 2016

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3.  Eggnog Christmas Cupcakes with Spiced Rum & Sprinkles

Best Eggnog Cupcake Recipe 2016

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4.  The Elegant Christmas Tree Cupcake

Elegant Christmas Tree Cupcake Recipe

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5.  The Cutest Snowman Cupcakes With Cone Hats

Cute Snowman Cupcakes for Christmas

Get the Recipe Here

6.  Easy Reindeer Pretzel Cupcakes (Including Rudolph!)

Pretzel Rudolph the red Nose Reindeer Cupcakes

Get the Recipe Here

7.  Red Velvet Santa Hat Christmas Cupcake Recipe

Tall Santa Hats Cupcakes

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8.  Easy Frosty the Snowman Face Cupcakes

Frosty the Snowman Face Cupcakes

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9.  Santa Coming Down the Chimney Cupcakes

Santa Down the Chimney Cupcakes

Get the Recipe Here

10.  Best Olaf Cupcakes from the Movie Frozen


Get the Recipe Here

11.  Icy Silver & Blue Snowflake Cupcake Ideas

Silver and Blue Snowflake Cupcake Idea

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