Bottoms Up: 8 Best Beer Glasses & Mugs

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…because it may, just may, be time to retire drinking from the can and pour your favorite beer into a glass.  You know, like an adult.  It’s tough for us too, but flip through our picks for the best beer glasses and mugs of the season.  [ Swipe Left ] [masterslider id=”218″]

best beer glasses and mugs 2015 2016


You know, a lot of people buy their beer glasses or mugs in sets of 4, 6 or more.  We always go for buying them individually and mixing and matching a variety of glasses for you and your guests.  It’s basically like all the miss-matched chairs around the kitchen table on Friends.  You get the point.  Drinking beer is fun and so should your glasses.  So have fun finding ones that best describe your personality.  Flip through the above slideshow to check out our 8 best beers glasses and mugs this season and look for these two winners:

Best Beer Glasses of 2015:  The Regal Beer Glass from Crate & Barrel ( $4.95 )

cool beer glasses regal from crate and barrel 2015 2016


Best Set of Beer Glasses:  Maritime Crew Pilsner 4 Beer Glasses ( $21.99 )

maritime crew pilsner set of 4 beer glasses with anchors 2015 2015