If Barbara Evans Quotes Were Motivational Posters…My Life Would Be Complete

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…because at the end of the day Barb really is just one motivational poster after another. Flip through the below slideshow of our 21 favorites. [ Swipe Left ]

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If there’s one thing that really brings a smile to my face, it’s loud-mouth women with Boston accents.  It’s like home to me.  If you’re a fan of “the reality tv” you may have fallen into a Teen Mom marathon or two.  I may have seen an episode here and there.  And by “here and there” I mean every single one and I’ve written about it.

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Flip through the above slideshow to find some of your favorite Barb Evans quotes.  They really are life changing.  Here are two of my favorite award winners. What did I miss?

Best Barb Quote Involving Genitals:


Best Classic Barb Quote of All Time:



And That Time That Jenelle Retweeted This Link!



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