8 Bag Charms To Amp Up Your Purse

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If you’re looking to amp up your current bag, but aren’t necessarily willing to commit to a brand new one, bag charms and key fobs could be the ticket. Bag charms can add a pop of color and texture, especially to an all black bag. The result? A bag that feels new again. Not to mention, fur and tassels are always fun. Check out our 8 picks below, including a pineapple wearing sunglasses…because why not?

1. Kate Spade Triple Pom-Pom Key Fob – Check It Out Here For $88

Kate Spade Bag Charm

Buy Now: $88

•faux fur•

2. Shinhwa Faux Fur Pom Pom – Check It Out Here For $12

Shinhwa Pom Pom Charm

Buy Now: $12

•4 colors available•

3. Stella McCartney Heart Bag Charm – Check It Out Here For $320

Stella McCartney Bag Charm

Buy Now: $320

•available in black & gold•

4. Rebecca Minkoff Tassel Key Fob – Check It Out Here For $45

Rebecca Minkoff Tassel Key Fob

Buy Now: $45

•various colors available, similar version for less, here

5. Michael Kors Medium Star Charm – Check It Out Here For $12

Michael Kors Star Bag Charm

Buy Now: $12

6. Coach Leather Tea Rose Bag Charm – Check It Out Here For $95

Coach Bag Charm

Buy Now: $95

•also available in white•

7. Swarovski Neutral Bag Charm – Check It Out Here For $79

Swarovski Bag Charm

Buy Now: $79

8. Stella McCartney Pineapple Sunglasses Bag Charm – Check It Out Here For $250

Pineapple Bag Charm

Buy Now: $250

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