Auntie Fee’s Sweet Treats is the BEST Cooking Show in the World

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**Warning** Strong (Yet Funny) Language Used

…because we’ve come a long way from The Frugal Gourmet.  A friend of mine had texted me this video a little while back and (now I don’t want to oversell this), but this may in fact just be the best Youtube video my eyes and ears have ever experienced in the history of my eyes and ears seeing and hearing things. In it, you’ll see Auntie Fee making some sweet treats “for the kids” and keepin’ it real 100 percent.  Auntie Fee has become such a “viral sensation” (I feel like Dick Clark saying that) that she’s even scored some airtime on Jimmy Kimmel Live with her very own cooking segment.  **Warning** some of the language may not be safe for work…so put in your earbuds and stop complaining.

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