Why This is My Favorite Halloween Costume of the Year

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I love when people step up for their kids.  A Fort Collins, Colorado father turned his son’s wheelchair into an army tank so that he could go out trick-or-treating with this friends.  6 year old, Jake, lives with cerebral palsy and epilepsy and, unfortunately, is currently unable to talk or eat and spends most of his time in his wheelchair.

Not wanting to see his son miss out on what is one of the most fun nights out of the year for kids, Andy Gregory converted Jake’s wheelchair into a cool army tank with a cannon that actually smokes and even dressed him up in some army fatigues.

This is the third year Jake’s dad created a custom Halloween costume for his son and he posted this picture on Reddit with the inspiring words:

Even though he is nonverbal, we have our ways of communicating. Laughs, cries, smiles, sighs. You just have to learn the language.

Such a great story and really puts in perspective my minor freakout today over what I’m going to be this year for Halloween.

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