15 Most Annoying Things We’ll All Hear On Thanksgiving Day

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…because it could be a long day.


1.  Why Doesn’t Everyone Go Around the Table and Say Something You’re Grateful For?

2.  Can You Believe Those People Who Are Gonna Wait in Line for Black Friday?

3.  It’s Like We Go Right from Halloween Directly to Christmas.

4.  One More Piece of Turkey and that Tryptophan is Really Gonna Kick In!

5.  When Are You Going to Get Married?

6.  When are You Going to Have a Baby?

7.  Ugh.  Can You Believe the Traffic Today?  They Say It’s the Busiest Travel Day of the Year!

8.  Did Anyone Hear They’re Already Playing Christmas Music on the Radio!?

9.  You Know You’re Not Supposed to Call Them “Indians”  Anymore.  They’re Now Called “Native Americans.”  Everything is Changing.  Can You Still Say “Oriental?”

10.  I Used to Change Your Diapers!  Now Look at Ya!

11.  You Spent How Much on Your Flight?  Why Didn’t You Take the Bus?  The Bus is Cheaper!

12.  Oh You’re Trying Something New With Your Hair?  Oh.

13.  There’s So Many Desserts, We Should’ve Just Done an Entire Meal of Desserts!

14.  I Just Joined “The Facebook” But Couldn’t Find You On It.  What’s Your Screen Name?

15.  Do You Know Who Just Died?

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