9 Rules I Live By When Traveling For Business

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A few tips on how not to crash-and-burn on your next business trip.

1.  Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate Some More.  If you are anything like me when you are in the office you park yourself next to the water cooler, not to gossip but to stay hydrated in the dry, germ. filled office air.  Flying is especially dehydrating, coupled with the beers and salty steak dinner from last night can leave you dehydrated and off your game.  Which leads to the next tip…

2.  Eat Healthy.  At least at breakfast and lunch because you either are going to have a nice, big meal with clients or going to try and salvage you long day with an extra beer or four.

3.  Exercise.  It can be easier to find the time away than at home, especially when there is a gym in the hotel or the weather is nice. Take advantage your mental and physical health will benefit.

4.  Always Check Your Bag.  There are exceptions but if you are bringing that roller board always check.  traveling is stressful enough why try to fight your way onto the plane and fight someone for overhead space?

5.  Always Leave the Hotel to Eat.  Except in Vegas.  Otherwise get out and explore the area, there has to be something good to try in the neighborhood.  It get’s you out of the hotel and will give you some much needed freedom.

6.  Always Eat Meals at the Bar if You Are Traveling Alone.  That doesn’t mean eat bar food but a restaurant bar is a much friendlier place to dine than a one-top in a large dinning room.

7.  Never Schedule Too Many Meetings.  Not because you are lazy and don’t want to work hard.  Inevitably you are going to get lost, a meeting will start late, a meeting will run over and someone will reschedule.  Those are just facts, be prepared.

8.  Take an Hour Each Day and Do Something for Yourself.  You will be in meetings all day while your emails from the office pile up in your inbox.  Setting aside a little personal time each day makes a huge difference.

9.  Only Book a Flight that Has Wi-Fi.  Being connected to the ground for those 3-6 hours makes a big difference.  It can make or break your trip.


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