Hatchimals: The Low Down On One Of This Season’s Hottest Toys

2016 Hatchimals Eggs Draggles, Penguala and Owlicorn for Christmas Toy Gifts 2017

You know the drill.  Every year there’s a “hot toy” item that pops up just in time for the holidays.  How mystical!  It causes a frenzy that’s not planned at all by the toy companies.  You vow not to get caught up in the commercialization of Christmas, until you hear your kids utter those 6 words – “Mom, how do you spell Hatchimals?”  Let’s save the time it takes to hit the Google Machine and we’ll fill you in on all things Hatchimals related.

Hatchimals are the business.  It arrives in the egg stage. This, in and of itself is half the fun.  While you can narrow down what type of Hatchimal you purchase, the color remains a mystery until it hatches.  And yes, it actually hatches.

Choose between a Draggle, Penguala, Owlicorn, Burtle, or Bearakeet.  What?  Yes.  In order for your mystery creature to hatch, you (your child?) will need to show it some love.  Sing to it, talk to it, play with it, tell it how you never thought it would come to this.  Your touch will encourage the little fellow to peck its way to freedom.  Once you see the rainbow eyes, you’ll know it’s go-time!

Now that you’ve successfully hatched your newest dependent,  it’s time to parent the Hatchimal through 3 stages –  baby, toddler and kid.  Your kiddos will know their Hatchimal has entered the next stage of life, because it sings Hatchy Birthday.  (We see what you did there).  But don’t worry, the fun hasn’t ended after it’s hatched.  They can be taught to walk, play games and dance to the music.  Of course, it also speaks in a Hatchimal voice, so your days of feeling like nobody in the house ever listens are over.

Check out the options below, along with links to purchase online at places like Toys R Us and Amazon!  And because retailers are nobody’s fool, there are Hatchimal exclusives at places like Target and Walmart.

1.  Draggle!

Draggle Hatchimals

Buy It Here from Toys R Us

Buy It Here From Amazon

2.  Owlicorn!

Owlicorn Hatchimals

Buy It Here From Toys R Us

Buy It Here From Amazon

3.  Penguala!

Penguala Hatchimal 2016 - Where to buy Hatchimals Online

Buy It Here From Toys R Us

Buy It Here From Amazon

4.  Burtle! (Walmart Exclusive)

Hatchimals at Walmart: Burtle Hatchimal by Spin Master 2016 - 2017

Buy It Here From Walmart

Shop More Hatchimals Here at Amazon

5.  Bearakeet! (Target Exclusive)

Bearakeet Hatchimal from Target 2016 - 2016 by Spin Master

Buy It Here From Target

Shop More Hatchimals Here at Amazon


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