The Secret Behind What Celebrities Really Want You To Do On Facebook

If there is one thing I know it is we should always listen to our celebrities and do whatever they tell us, especially when their advice is about how to behave on social media.  Please famous people, show us the way.

Here are 11 tips for how to do facebook from those that know best.

George Takei is concerned that facebook is acting strange and he doesn't want you to miss this very important announcement about crackers.

David Beckhman wants you to be wary of fake facebook accounts.  Does anyone really want to follow your kids David?

George Takei warns us not to trust the newsfeed and is really concerned that the algorithm is hiding all his clever memes from you.
Methinks this is ploy to get you to comment.

Eddie Izzard wants you to say where you live on facebook (And in Tweets!)  I live in Schenectady, please come by anytime!

Katy Perry wants you to buy tickets to something or other.  Only if left shark is going to be there, Katy.

Will Smith wants you to come to his family reunion because yes you are family.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants you to use facebook to break the rules.  I'll get right on that Arnold.

Bill Maher wants you to wish him a happy birthday on facebook,  because that is really what facebook is for after all.  Happy Birthday Bill!

Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson wants you to join him for dinner with Mark Zuckerberg in Japan.  So nice of him.

George Takei doesn't want you to share the deepest  darkest secrets of your mind. Come on George that's what makes facebook great right?

Celine Dion wants you to know she reached a milestone!  Way to go Celine!

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