Stuffed Pig Is Searching For His Owner…And Living The Life

If you give a pig an amazing summer…He’ll probably want an amazing winter.  Mary Schwalm, a professional photographer, found a stuffed animal in the Yawkey parking garage at Mass General Hospital at the beginning of August…and is hoping to find it’s rightful owner.  In the meantime, this pig is living the life…He’s almost having a better summer than I am.  He’s been on a motorcycle, a pig go-cart of sorts, whale watching and enjoys days at the beach.  The point behind all of this? She wants to make sure this little pig is enjoying his days until someone is able to find who he belongs to, and they can be reunited.

“I looked behind me and in a whole row of empty spaces, there was a stuffed pig laying face down, and my heart just broke,” Schwalm said. “To think that there’s either a kid that has cancer, or there’s a kid that was visiting a parent that has cancer, and now he’s lost his stuffed animal, it just broke my heart.” She said in the Eagle-Tribune

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Source: Eagle-Tribune