Breaking Stereotypes: The Video Every Parent Must Watch

You may have heard of them; GoldieBlox.  One “toy company” is trying to change the way that girls play with toys and to introduce them to the world of engineering.  Did you know only 14% of engineers are female?  GoldieBlox is introducing to girls what’s been marketed to boys for years.  More importantly they’re sending the message that you get to just be you.  If you like the pink toy aisle, perfect.  If you don’t, perfect.  They’re equalizing the playing field and letting little girls be exactly what they want to be…and that’s ok.

Their latest commercial (video above) is their way of trying to get into Toys R Us even when they’ve been told in the past that a “toy” like theirs can’t compete in the Barbie aisle.  I think there’s room for everybody.

I actually bought this for my nieces last Christmas and it was as empowering for me as it was for them.  Sure I also got them a ton of princess stuff, dolls and clothes, but they also got to engineer a bit on Christmas morning too.  And the point is, they now know it’s an option…even if they’re too little to know.  But they know.

From the creators of GoldieBlox themselves:


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