Top Makeup Tips, Products and Trends for Spring 2017

Sometimes less is more. And sometimes more is more! There are so many makeup options out there that it can seem overwhelming. Our beauty editors help you pick the best makeup for you based on your skin type, skin tone and trends you should be willing to try.

11 Best Foundations For Flawless Coverage

Best Foundation for 2016 from Drugstore to Designer Reviews

….because if you’re all about that base, you need a good foundation.  After applying your moisturizer or primer, foundation is the main event.  Finding the right base for your skin type sets the stage for the rest of your makeup, helps create the appearance of an even skin tone and blurs imperfections.  The goal is finding something that […]

12 Eyeshadow Palettes To Covet Right Now


So many makeup s carry eyeshadow palettes and with so many to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow it down. Things to take into consideration?  Coordinating shades of neutrals, a smey eye all in one place…to shimmer, or not to shimmer…and staying power with great color payoff. Our 12 picks cover a little bit of […]

10 Matte Lipstick Shades We’re Obsessed With This Season

Best Matte Lipstick 2016 - Top Matte Lipsticks for Spring, Summer, Fall 2017

It can be tough to swing matte lipstick.  If your lips aren’t prepped, matte lip color can lo drying and chalky.  But if the conditions are right, it can lo chic and modern.  Many of today’s matte formulas are light and smooth, as well as long lasting.  It also helps to lo for formulas that are “luminous” […]

15 Best Mascaras For the Ultimate Summer Eyes

Best Drugstore & Brand Mascara 2016 Waterproof Black Volumizing Mascaras

…because even though it’s officially summer, most of us are tired every…single…day. If you’re not in a position to grab a latte and throw on some sunglasses, (I think shades are frowned upon in the office?) a little mascara can go a long way.  A few quick coats before you head out the door can open […]

Best Makeup For Summer 2017

Best Makeup For Summer

Summer is all about barbecues, being poolside, and Sunday Funday.  Aside from being outdoors, we’re also exposed to water, sun, and well…sweat.  Fear not! The higher temps don’t have to equal makeup meltdown.  Need to update your makeup bag for the change in season?  Check out our summer makeup picks below.   If you’re loing to […]

8 Waterproof Foundations That Can Take The Summer Heat

Best Summer Foundation

Don’t sweat it!  The mercury may be rising, but your makeup doesn’t have to melt down.  While we’re all for a lighter hand- especially during the summer months, but sometimes we still need a foundation that will stand up to the heat.  Whether you’re attending a formal affair in the sweltering heat, or just don’t feel […]

Don’t Sweat It – 8 Waterproof Eyeliners

Best Waterproof Eyeliner

While we when the temperature heats up, we don’t when our makeup melts down.  A smey eye may lo chic, but raccoon eyes are a fashion don’t.  Even though we tend to use a lighter hand when applying our makeup in the summer months, waterproof options will help keep everything in place.  Check […]

Green With Envy – Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Green eyes are a bit rare…so all the reason to play them up!  While there are certain colors that will make green eyes pop, the key here is to enhance…as opposed to letting your makeup take center stage.   Below we’ve chosen 8 different types of eye makeup that will compliment your eye […]

Eye Makeup For Enhancing Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Those of us with blue eyes usually consider it to be one of our best features.  So if you’ve got them…flaunt them!  While shades of orange (terracotta, peach, copper, etc) really make blue eyes pop, gold and brown neutrals really work as well.  We’ve chosen 9 different shadows and rs that will help play up […]

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes – 9 Bold Options

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

If you’re loing to step outside the box a bit when it comes to eye makeup, we’ve got some fun and vivid colors that work for brown eyes.  For dark brown, olive, deep greens and dark blues can flatter.  For medium brown, navy, cobalt and teals can make your eyes pop, while lighter brown eyes […]

Go For The Bronze: 10 Best Bronzers For Glowing Skin


Bronzer can help breathe some life into your skin, especially in the colder months.  Although, it is  something many of us reach for as we head into spring as well (, we even reach for it in the summer). The key to achieving a believable, sun kissed lo is finding a natural loing bronzer that doesn’t lo […]

Sparkle This Spring – 9 Shimmer Shadows and Eyeliners

Best Glitter Eye Makeup

Glittery and shimmery eye makeup was recently spotted on the runways at New York Fashion Week…And this is a trend that can be worn in a subtle or dramatic way, making it wearable for day or night.   You can pick your poison too…Choose from bold, jewel-tones shades or keep it low key with everyday […]

10 Best Eyeliners For The Perfect Cat Eye

Best Eyeliner 2016 - Liquid Eyeliners Reviews 2016

…because you can’t create the perfect cat eye without it!  From waterproof to sparkling, we’ve got 10 great options to assist you on your quest for winged eyer.  Precision is key, as well as finding a r that will stay put.  While these rs won’t promise that the wing on your right eye will perfectly match the […]

Spring Trend 2017 – 8 Wearable Shades Of Blue

Best Blue Eyeliner Spring 2016

Recently, blue eye makeup was spotted on the runways during New York Fashion Week…But is this trend wearable?  Some of us are old enough to immediately associate blue eye makeup with middle school dances.  But, a simple swipe of blue eyer is a great way to incorporate this trend in the real world.   As […]

Would You Rock Purple Lips? 11 Wearable Shades Of Violet


Usually, when we think of a statement lip, we think red.  But, if you’re loing to try something a little unexpected, a vibrant shade of purple can be edgy and chic.  While purple can be striking, it’s definitely a bit challenging to pull off.  Luckily, since this statement color has become increasingly […]

9 Waterproof Mascaras That Won’t Budge


…because sometimes you just need to use waterproof mascara.  It does require a little effort to remove (, sometimes a lot  effort), but there are times when it’s just flat out necessary.  However, it’s not only for wedding days, beach days and hanging out poolside.  For those of us with oilier skin, it […]

8 Fiber Mascaras For Longer Lashes


Women are always on the hunt for longer, fuller lashes. Whether it’s lengthening mascara, falsies or full on extensions, nothing draws attention to your eyes like long lashes. If you’re short on time (and lashes), fiber mascara can help you go the extra mile so to speak…without the time it takes to apply false lashes, or […]

Spotlight on Lucy Minerals

Best Mineral Makeup

I stumbled upon Lucy Minerals a few years ago after reading some reviews on…and have been using it ever since.  Their mineral makeup is free of parabens, mineral oil, petroleum and bismuth oxychloride. They don’t test on animals and hand blend their product in the good old USA.  Another reason I gave this a try […]

8 Shades Of Red Lipstick To Rock This Season

Best Red Lipstick 2016 From Dark to Light to Bright Red Shades & Colors

Red lips are timeless…it’s a classic lo that can really be worn all year round.  But it’s even appropriate as we head from the fall season, right into the holidays.  While anyone can rock red lips, the key is knowing your undertones and choosing a shade that flatters.  We have 8 vibrant reds, from […]

Love Of Color: Birchbox Launches New (Affordable!) Makeup Line


Birchbox recently launched their own makeup , Love of Color…also known as LOC.  The idea behind the makeup , is to include the current trends and popular shades each season.  LOC is very affordable, with lipstick costing $8 and eye shadow sticks at $10.  The lip color is vibrant, highly pigmented and comes in a matte finish.  […]

Get Set: 7 Makeup Setting & Finishing Sprays


A good makeup setting spray can help keep your makeup loing fresh hours after you do it up.  It can minimize sliding and melting, making touch-ups less frequent…or not necessary at all.  A setting spray will extend and lock in your complete makeup lo, so you’ll lo just as great as when you first applied it.  Whether […]

Pretty In Pink: 7 Blush Shades Of Lipstick

Best Pink Lipstick 2016 Colors and Shades of Pinks

Not everyone is willing to rock red lips.  For some of us, pink is as bold as it gets….which totally works, considering various shades of pink can carry us from fall right through the summer.  Switching it up from mauves to brights can be just as fun (if not so!) as red.  Here we […]

10 Shades of Lip Liner We Love This Season

Best Lip Liner

Lip r can be tricky.  Anyone old enough to have attempted it in the 90’s, may remember the lo of dark r with light lips and absolutely cringe.  That being said, the right shade can achieve a few things.  It can define a nude lip to prevent the “washed out” lo, and it can keep […]

Stand Corrected: 8 CC Creams For A Flawless Complexion

Best CC Creams

First things first…what exactly is a CC cream?  CC stands for color correcting and typically feels a bit lighter than it’s predecessor, BB cream.  CC creams can help correct redness, and sallowness and contain various skin benefits.  They tout SPF, anti-aging formulas, skin brightening properties and can be moisturizing or oil free.  While it’s a […]

7 Eyebrow Powders For Filling In Brows Naturally

Best Brow Powder

Gone are the days of super-skinny brows and over-plucking.  Fuller, natural loing brows can help define your face and create an overall youthful appearance (sign me up!) However, “filled in” doesn’t mean “drawn on.”  (Think Allison Williams, not Mommy Dearest).  Eyebrow powders allow you to fill in sparse spots and build up skinny […]

Pink and Red Makeup for the Perfect Valentine’s Day (and Night)

Pink and Red Makeup 2016 for Valentines Day Makeup Ideas

Get inspired with some of our top picks for the best red and pink makeup products to have the hottest Valentine’s Day ever.  From the chicest lipsticks to the cutest nail polishes, blushes and lip rs, we’ll help you lo your best and easily transition you from day to night. Red:  Butter London Liquid Lippy […]

10 Highly Pigmented Eyeshadows We’re Obsessed With


Whether you’re mastering a smey eye, or want an understated neutral or golden glow, the right eyeshadow is a must.  While a good eye primer can help keep your shadow from creasing, you still need something that will last the night and is preferably highly pigmented.  We’ve got 10 eyeshadow options that are perfect for […]

8 Tinted Moisturizers That Are Great Multitaskers


Nothing says effortless like tinted moisturizer.  It’s a great option for a minimal makeup lo, especially when you don’t want to wear foundation….but still want your skin to lo even (or in my case, undead).  Most tinted moisturizers come with SPF, which is a total score.  I’m always loing for ways to get out the […]

Shine On! 10 Lip Gloss Brands For Softly Lit Lips


…because lip gloss can be versatile.  It can help tone down an overly bright lipstick, or add simple and subtle color when worn alone.  While most are not going to have the same opacity and color payoff of a lipstick, lip gloss does play nicely with your favorite lipstick shades…whether you’re rocking a nude lip or […]

10 Best Nude & Neutral Lipstick Shades This Season

Best Nude Lipstick 2016 Light to Neutral Drugstore Lipsticks

Nude or neutral lipstick is ideal when putting together a makeup lo that focuses on your eyes.  If you’re going to do a smey eye, or heavier winged r, it’s best to keep the emphasis there and go for a natural lip.   The key is finding one that suits your skin tone and then […]

Strobing 101: 8 Highlighters That Will Bring Your Skin To Light


It’s time to escape the dark side…while contouring has been has been the makeup trick of choice for quite a while, strobing has somewhat recently emerged…Using a highlighter or illuminator, strobing concentrates on the places where the light would naturally hit your face.  So essentially, applying the highlighter to the tops of your cheeks, down […]