The New Video App From Instagram that I Want To Love – Hyperlapse


My feed has started to be dominated by more and more videos being fast-forwarded before my eyes thanks to Hyperlapse, a new app from Instagram.  So this morning I thought I would try to fast-forward my commute from the subway to the office with the help of Hyperlapse.  The app gives you the ability to quicken your videos from 1x the normal speed up to 12x.  You can download Hyperlapse at iTunes now.



I would give it high marks on making my mundane commute from the subway to work seem interesting.  That could be only because it condensed the entire trip down into 18 seconds.  I will need to try again because the outside shots feel washed and blue to me.  It could be that both Hyperlapse and I were coffee free at the time so don’t complain when I add my commute home later today.