Best Homemade Fresh Fruit Freeze Pops

tropical treats

If you’re looking to create some frozen treats that go slightly beyond freezing juice on a stick, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our take on these freeze pops made with fresh fruit….

What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 to one cup of coconut water, flavor of choice (optional, I used peach mango)
  • 2 cups of pineapple (can also use frozen)
  • handful of blueberries
  • handful of raspberries
  • popsicle molds

fruit and peach mango coconut water







What to do:

  • Drop a few raspberries and/or blueberries into the Popsicle molds.
  • Blend the pineapple and coconut water together and pour into the Popsicle molds.
  • Freeze overnight and enjoy!


















…One Last Thing

Switch up the fruit based on preference and feel free to adjust the amount of coconut water as necessary.  Adding a liquid to the pineapple makes it much easier to blend and pour.  If these are for the grown-ups, maybe coconut rum/vodka is the liquid of choice? (Uh…no, me neither).