Wake Up: The Best K Cups That’ll Kick Start Your Keurig

Best K Cups 2016 - K Cup Coffee Cheap & Discount Price Online 2017

…because, let’s face it, there’s about 1 million Keurig K Cup options and many of them are less than stellar.  But there are some rockstars out there.  Shop our top 10 picks for the best coffee, tea and hot chocolate K Cups that are out there (as tested by us) and the best prices we could find in 2017:

1.  Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla K Cups – Buy 32 K Cups Here for $26

Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla K Cups Low Price 2016 -2017

Buy Now On Sale: $26

Here’s the thing, this is actually better than the coffee when you actually go into a Dunkin Donuts.  I don’t buy french vanilla at Dunkin Donuts, but the K Cup version is the official coffee of my daily morning routine.

2.  Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde K Cups – Buy 60 K Cups Here For $44

Best Starbucks K Cups Prices Veranda Blonde 2016 -2017

Buy Now On Sale: $66

Sure going blonde may be the weaker way out, but this coffee option is great over ice or hot.  I go this route when I need an extra kick that my other daily K Cups can’t touch.

3.  Caribou Blend K Cups – Buy 72 K Cups Here For $58

Caribou Coffee K Cups 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $58

A decent standard coffee option.  Not bitter and not too strong.  I would hashtag this #BasicCoffee, but in a good way.

4.  Tazo Zen Green Tea – Buy 96 K Cups Here For $76


Buy Now On Sale: $76

This is the one Starbucks uses when you order your green iced tea.  I just make it myself via the Keurig.  It’s pretty much a spring kick-off tradition.  I would give this 3,000 stars if I could.

5.  Green Mountain Gingerbread K Cups – Buy It Here For $11

Gingerbread Seasonal K Cups 2016 - 2017


Buy Now On Sale: $11

My favorite seasonal coffee.  For me, the best part it’s that this one is just a hint of gingerbread flavor so it’s not to overpowering or too sweet.

6.  Twinings English Breakfast Tea K Cups – Buy 48 K Cups Here For $25

Twinnings Breakfast Tea K Cups 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $25

Because sometimes you just want a simple and classic tea without an odd combination of flavors.  This is the one.

7.  Dunkin Donuts Hot Cocoa K Cups – Buy It Here For $13

Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate/Cocoa K Cups 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $13

Sure hot chocolate may be more of a winter drink, but stock up and when the weather gets nice start to crank out some iced hot chocolate.  Trust.

8.  Snapple Lemon Iced Tea K Cups – Buy 22 K Cups Here For $21


Buy Now On Sale: $21

Super sweet iced tea packed with a ton of flavor.  Not quite like when you buy the bottle, but a great mid-day refresher.

9.  McCafe Medium Roast K Cups – Buy It Here For $11

McDonalds McCafe K Cups Buy Online 2016 - 2017


Buy Now On Sale: $11

Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it.  I just can’t find it anywhere anymore so ordering online is a must…even if I do have to pay a little more.

10.  Real Good Coffee Company Recyclable K Cups – Buy 36 K Cups Here For $29

Real Good Coffee Recyclable K Cups 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $29

The perfect variety pack from the company who is helping save the planet one K Cup at a time.  We felt good about this one.


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