On Trend: The Best Men’s Ties You Need This Winter

…because with parties, work events, and endless dinners you’re going to need some innovative tie options to keep things fresh. From your classic black skinny ties to pops of color on your bow tie, we’ve got you covered for all your tie dilemmas.

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Introducing “The Ultimate Men’s Tie Guide” for the winter 2017 season.  This year it’s all about subtle blues, deep rich burgundy and reds, and plaid everything.  Let’s face it, suits can be a snooze, but besides your colorful dress socks, your tie can bring life to an otherwise bland outfit.  Shop our 19 favorite ties for guys that are trending this season. Plus, these always make great gifts for dad whether it’s for Christmas or his birthday.

1.  Ted Baker London Plaid Grid Tie in Midnight Blue – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

2.  The Tie Bar Silk-Knit Tie in Grey – Buy It Here For $25


Buy Now On Sale: $25

3.  Brooks Brothers Red Slim Plaid Tie – Buy It Here For $50


Buy Now On Sale: $50

4.  Paul Smith Designer ‘Lips’ Skinny Tie in Navy – Buy It Here For $150


Buy Now On Sale: $150

5.  Black Watch Slim Tie in Navy & Green –  Buy It Here For $50


Buy Now On Sale: $50

6.  BOSS Geometric Patter Black Tie – Buy It Here For $115


Buy Now On Sale: $115

7.  Brooks Brothers Solid Rep Silk Tie in Burgundy – Buy It Here For $80


Buy Now On Sale: $80

8.  Calibrate Dot Silk Tie in Black –  Buy It Here For $50


Buy Now On Sale: $50

9.  The Tie Bar Cotton Tie in Warm Grey – Buy It Here For $19


Buy Now On Sale: $19

10.  Grey/Black/White Plaid Slim Tie – Buy It Here For $50


Buy Now On Sale: $50

11. Z Zegna Textured Burgundy Tie – Buy It Here For $145


Buy Now On Sale: $145

12.  Brioni Classic Solid Silk Satin Black Tie – Buy It Here For $230

Solid Silk Satin Black Tie for Men 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $230

13.  Classic Black Textured Silk Tie – Buy It Here For $145


Buy Now On Sale: $145


Mens Bow Ties 2016 in Black, White, Striped and Red

14.  Blue-Navy Striped Classic Bow Tie – Buy It Here For $55

blue striped bow tie 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $55

15.  Paul Smith Black Star Bow Tie – Buy It Here For $125


Buy Now On Sale: $125

16.  Ted Baker London Charcoal Grey Floral Bow Tie – Buy It Here For $60


Buy Now On Sale: $60

17.  Classic Black Silk Bow Tie by Hugo BOSS – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

18.  Calibrate ‘Modern Textures’ Bow Tie – Buy It Here For $40


Buy Now On Sale: $40

19.  Navy Blue Grid Bow Tie – Buy It Here For $40


Buy Now On Sale: $40

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