Clean Your Mug: 9 Best Face Washes & Scrubs

…because you don’t need to use your girlfriend’s flowery face wash anymore.

2016 Best Face Wash & Scrubs for Men and Women Reviewed

From too much sun exposure and sloppy shaving sometimes our face could use a little refresher.  Whether you have oily skin or dry skin you need a little something extra that will help with your current skin situation and still get you ready for that daily shave all at the same time.  Plus, adult acne isn’t the most fun to deal with so why not use a face wash that’s gentle and keep that situation at bay. Shop our picks for the 9 best face washes and scrubs for men this season.

1.  Best Everyday Drugstore Face Wash for Men

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser – Buy It Here For $18 (2)


For:  Normal, oily and combination skin.
What it Does:  Gently cleanses and softens for those with the most sensitive of skin (and not harsh for the acne sufferers).

Buy Now On Sale: 2 for $18

2.  Best Overall Face Wash for Men in 2015

Keihl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash – Buy It Here For $9


For:  Normal skin that needs a refresh.
What it Does:  Caffeine and vitamins awakens the skin, providing a soothing tingle that’ll kick start your day.

Buy Now On Sale: $9

3.  Best Face Wash With Aloe

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser with Aloe & Sage Leaf  – Buy It Here For $19


For:  Any skin type.
What it Does:  2-in-1 liquid cleanser and toner removes deep dirt and oil without over-drying.

Buy Now On Sale: $19

4.  Fresh: Umbrian Clay Exfoliant Face Wash – Buy It Here For $32


For:  Normal to oily skin.
What it Does:  Gently scrubs away dead skin cells, which makes it a great pre-shaving ritual.

Buy Now On Sale: $32

5.  Neutrogena:  Invigorating Face Wash for Men – Buy It Here For $8


For:  The every day man with oily skin.
What it Does:  Oil free wash that won’t clog pores and won’t break the bank.  Great daily cleanser.

Buy Now On Sale: $8

6.  Clinique:  Face Scrub for Men – Buy It Here For $21


For:  All skin types.
What It Does:  Protects the skin from shaving nicks and sweeps away dead flakes and oil.

Buy Now On Sale: $21

7.  Simple Sugars:  Coffee Facial Scrub for Men – Buy It Here For $19

For:  The chronic shaver.
What it Does:  Helps reduce collagen breakdown and, with coffee extract, awakens and brightens skin.

Buy Now On Sale: $19

8.  Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash – Buy It Here For $24


For:  When you need to give your skin new life.
What it Does:  Helps wash away dirt all while giving your skin a brighter healthier appearance.

Buy Now On Sale: $24

9.  Blind Barber Watermint Gin Facial Cleanser – Buy It Here For $18


For:  The Pre-Shave Ritual
What it Does:  Helps fight acne and keeps your skin feeling fresh, tingly (in a good way) and smooth thanks to the mint.

Buy Now On Sale: $18