Hook Ups: 8 Best Miansai Bracelets for Men

…because the bracelet has come a long way from the “cuffs” of the early 2000’s.  Browse our favorite Miansai bracelets for guys in 2017.

1.  Miansai Silver Hook Rope Bracelet in Caribbean Blue – Buy It For $55


Buy Now On Sale: $55

2.  Miansai Black Leather Braided Rope Bracelet – Buy It For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

3.  Miansai Silver Anchor Rope Bracelet in Navy Blue – Buy It For $65

2016 New Miansai Rope Anchor Bracelet for Men

Buy Now On Sale: $65

4.  Miansai Natural Rope Brass Anchor Wrap Bracelet – Buy It For $55

New Miansai Natural Rope Brass Anchor Bracelet for Men Spring 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $55

5.  Miansai Black Leather Silver Hook Bracelet – Buy It For $80


Buy Now On Sale: $80

6.  Miansai Blue Leather Silver Anchor Bracelet – Buy It For $115

Blue Leather Miansai 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $115

7.  Miansai Green Leather Woven Wrap Bracelet – Buy It For $95

Green Woven Leather Miansai Bracelet 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $95

8.  Miansai Brown Leather Gold Hook Bracelet – Buy It For $80

Brown Leather Miansai Bracelet for Men 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $80

Plus: How to Put on and Wear Your Mansai Bracelet:

How to Wear, Tie and Hook Mansai Bracelet for Men with Hook or Anchor


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