Why I Can’t Live Without My Cuisinart Hand Blender

Cuisinart Smart Stick Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

I like anything that makes ‘kitchen’ life easier and that is exactly what the Smart Stick Plus, cordless and rechargeable Cuisinart Hand Blender does.  It both makes cooking and baking easier but it also is the perfect space saver for apartment living.  The tool is really three-in-one, which sounds like a bad infomercial but true.  The chopper work bowl makes it a small food processor, the whisk makes it a hand mixer and of course it is a portable blender.

The hand blender is perfect for pureeing sauces or soups; infinitely easier than pouring hot soup in a blender, not to mention easier to clean-up.  The hand whisk eliminated the need for a hand mixer and does a great job of making whipped cream or meringue.  Depending on how many people you cook for on a nightly basis the work bowl can eliminate your need for a food processor.

Most of they time the product comes as a standalone hand blender but you can find it bundled with the whisk and chopper bowl.  Buy one today and let the cordless functionality set you free.  $79.00