The Alternative TV Stand That Changed My Studio

…because if you don’t have a lot of space, you don’t need a 1980’s entertainment center.

ikea-white-metal-tv-stand ikea-red-metal-locker-tv-stand ikea-blue-metal-tv-stand

I was redoing my apartment in NYC recently.  I decided to make some adult purchases and not have my space look like an ode to my dorm room.  Did I mention my apartment is small?  I figured since I noted it was in NYC that went without saying.  It’s decent sized by Manhattan standards, but the thought of taking up a wall with a giant entertainment center or, God-forbid, one of those faux-wood (painted black) TV stands that shows every single wire (like the one I had for 8 years and finally just threw out) was not what I was looking for any more.  Hell, I’m an adult.  Can I say hell?

I’d rather spend money on decent furniture like couches and chairs, than a TV stand and, well, I wanted something that didn’t look like your general run-of-the-mill stand and I finally found what I was looking for at IKEA (of all places!).  For $99 I ordered one of these bad boys in white (I wasn’t ready to insert red into my apartment).  It’s great because it’s steel, somewhat shiny, sturdy enough to hold up to 136 lbs and a 42 inch TV, and easily hides all your wires, modems, wi-fi, cable box, Nintendo Wii, etc.  And did I mention it looks like a locker?  Plus it looks sleek as hell and a nice change of pace from wood to help add different textures and vibes to your space.

Per usual I had to deal with the pain of putting together this entire thing, but have to admit it took me under 45 minutes and no screws were required.  It was kind of like a “snap together” project.  Throw a little holy water at it and, presto chango, it was assembled and looks solid with my black flatscreen Samsung.

(Get it at IKEA; $99)