Initial Here: 16 Perfect Personalized Gifts They’ll Love in 2017

16 Personalized & Monogrammed Gifts for 2016

…because nothing adds that extra special touch to your thoughtful gift quite like having it monogrammed or plain old personalized.  We’ve rounded up some of the best personalized gifts to give almost anyone this season.  Who knew giving soap could be so much fun?!  Shop our top 16 picks for 2017:

1.  For the Chic Bartender:  Monogrammed Mason Jar Mixer Set – Buy It Here For $59


Because now no one can steal their mason jar mixer and, plus, they’ll likely make you the very first drink!

Buy Now On Sale: $59

2.  For the Decor Lover:  Windsor Fleece Personalized Throw Blanket – Buy It Here For $98

personalized-gift-throw-blanekts-with-initials-2017 2

Because who doesn’t feel warmer wrapped in a blanket that’s been name-branded?

Buy Now On Sale: $98

3.  For the Host/Hostess:  Three Personalized Eco Luxury Soaps – Buy It Here For $40

2016-personalized-gift-ideas-monogrammed-soaps-2017 2

Because no one is ever going to spend $40 on soap themselves.  So gifting them soap with their initials is really the only way.

Buy Now On Sale: $40

4.  For the Special Lady:  2-Initial Monogrammed Yellow/Gold Cuff Bracelet – Buy It Here For $788


Because (1) she’ll love it and (2) it doesn’t look too monogrammy.

Buy Now On Sale: $788

5.  For the Traveler:  Leather Luggage Tag and Passport Sleeve – Buy It Here For $55

personalized-gift-idea-luggage-tag-passport-book-2016-2017 2

Because, let’s face it, traveling is a nightmare but at least they’ll standout in baggage claim!

Buy Now On Sale: $55

6.  For the Entertainer:  12 Monogrammed Cloth Dinner Napkins – Buy It Here For $95

best-personalized-gifts-monogrammed-table-linens-2016-2017 2

Because this is as close to a Candy Spelling dinner party they’re ever going to get.

Buy Now On Sale: $95

7.  For the Drinkers:  Personalized Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set – Buy It Here For $75


Because the drinks just taste better when the mug is initialized.  Plus, check out the best coffee mugs and cups for the java aficionado.

Buy Now On Sale: $75

8.  For the Beauty Girl:  Parker Thatch Personalized Cosmetic/Makeup Bag – Buy It Here For $78

best-personalized-gifts-cosmetic-makeup-bag-2016-2017 2

Because she honestly won’t believe you thought of her makeup bag…and she’ll reward you, handsomely.

Buy Now On Sale: $78

9.  For the Baby Boy:  Personalized Elephant Hooded Baby Towel – Buy It Here For $68

boogie-baby-personalized-gifts-for-baby-boy-2016-2017 2

Because there’s no way you can’t not personalize their little tiny towel!

Buy Now On Sale: $68

10.  For the Writer:  Kate Spade Monogrammed Correspondence Cards – Buy It Here For $24

kate-spade-personalized-note-cards-2016-2017 2

Because Boss’s day is once a year.

Buy Now On Sale: $24

11.  For the Neat Freak:  Personalized Coasters with Lidded Holder – Buy It Here For $58

monogrammed-coasters-personalized-gifts-2016-2017 2

Because leaving drink rings on their coffee table is just plain terrible.

Buy Now On Sale: $58

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12.  For the Businessman:  Personalized Heather Moore Round Cufflinks – Buy It Here For $1,420

personalized-gift-monogrammed-cuff-links-2016-2017 2

Because this is how you make him remember your anniversary.

Buy Now On Sale: $1,420

13.  For the Beer Aficionado:  Personalized Craft Beer Growler – Buy It Here For $30


Because he won’t stop talking about making his own beer.

Buy Now On Sale: $30

14.  For the High Roller:  Monogrammed Alligator Money Clip – Buy It Here For $265

monogrammed-money-clip-personalized-gifts-2016-2017 2

Because money clips just add a little extra class for a little extra cash.

Buy Now On Sale: $265

15.  For the Newborn:  Monogrammed Hooded Lamb Towel by Swankie Blankie – Buy It Here For $50
swinkie-blankie-lamb-towel-mongrammed-gifts-for-baby-2016-2017 2

Because it doesn’t get any cuter than this.  Honestly.

Buy Now On Sale: $50

16.  For the Stylish Sleeper:  Monogrammed Eye Mask – Buy It Here For $52

personalized-monogrammed-gifts-eye-sleep-masks-2016-2017 2

Because she’s still trying to live that Disney princess dream.

Buy Now On Sale: $52