The Whiskey Wedge That Changed My Life. Forever.

2016 Whiskey Wedge Review - Buy the Ice Wedge Corkcicle

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I’m a new whiskey / bourbon drinker.  You can probably tell by me not fully knowing if I’m drinking whiskey or bourbon…or both.  Or Rye?  The point is, I’m not an expert.  I leave that up to Ross, our official Bourbon reviewer.  If you’re new to Bourbon or just want to get an experts take on it, check out all this reviews.  Regardless, I like my whiskey on the rocks.  Usually when I order this in a restaurant or bar they have these cool ginormous square ice cubes.  I feel like I’m on Mad Men.

Now that I’m enjoying my drinks I have to say my life has changed when I got my hands on The Whiskey Wedge.  Genius ensues because this ice “cube” is more of an “ice slant” and keeps your drink cold without watering it down.  It’s a real win-win.  Now if only the bars had these, we would no longer have wars.  I assume.

The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge:  Pick One Up Here For $20

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Buy the Whiskey Wedge Here: $20

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