That’s A Wrap: 20 Gift Wrap Ideas That Go The Extra Mile

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

You know how the old saying goes: It’s better to give than receive.  And since presentation is everything, it’s always nice to go the extra mile for certain gifts.  Now it goes without saying that when wrapping mass amounts of gifts, it’s definitely handy to have a never-ending roll of prancing Santas, but some gifts just require that extra touch.   Check out some of our gift wrap ideas and finishing touches below.  And if you really want to kick things up a notch, take a drink every time you can’t find the scissors or tape (You just had them!).

1.  Happy Hipster Christmas Wrapping Paper – Check It Out Here For $15

Best Christmas Wrapping Paper 2016 - Hipster Holiday Paper

Because everyone still loves everything ‘hipster.’  This on-trend wrapping paper comes in teal, grey and brown and sold as a set of 5 sheets, but you can get way more than that.

Buy Now: $15

2.  Rustic Gift Tags With Jute Twine (50 count) – Check It Out Here For $7

Rustic Gift Tags

Personalize your gift tags with fancy font, glitter, stamps or art.  A blank slate with rustic charm.

Buy Now: $7

3.  Winter Town Woodblock Stamp – Check It Out Here For $10

Winter Town Stamp

Add a serene winter scene to your gift tags, kraft wrapping paper or holiday cards.

Buy Now: $10

4.  Plaid Wrapping Paper – Check It Out Here For $9

Plaid Wrapping Paper

Keep your packages traditional & cozy with some flannel vibes.

Buy Now: $9

5.  North Pole Certified Gift Tags (25 count) – Check It Out Here For $19

North Pole Certified Gift Tags

Add a cute, but simple personalized touch to your gifts.

Buy Now: $19

6.  6 Pack Holiday Paper Bags – Check It Out Here For $13

White and Gold Gift Bags

Perfect for Christmas or winter holidays when you just don’t have to time to wrap.  But there’s always time to rap.

Buy Now: $13

7.  Silver Glitter Star Gift Tags (6 count) – Check It Out Here For $9

Star Gift Tags

Add these glittery star tags to your holiday presents, food & confectionery gifts, or wine bottles.  Also available in red and gold.

Buy Now: $9

8.  Pines and Sprigs Wrapping Paper – Check It Out Here For $15

Pines and Sprigs Wrapping Paper

Simple, but with a cool, wintry vibe.

Buy Now: $15

9.  Santa’s Workshop Wrapping Paper (Personalized!) – Check It Out Here For $15

Santa's Workshop Wrapping Paper

Because obviously Santa has his own wrapping paper.  Personalize it…because the elves don’t have enough to do.

Buy Now: $15

10.  Gold Glitter Wrapping Paper (Requires extra sticky tape!) – Check It Out Here For $10

Gold Glitter Wrapping Paper

Because everything just looks prettier when it sparkles.

Buy Now: $10

11.  Kitchen Tools Gift Tags (25 count) – Check It Out Here For $19

Kitchen Tools Personalized Gift Tags

Perfect final touch for those who put a little extra time in and like to gift homemade treats

Buy Now: $19

12.  Red & White Bakers Twine – Check It Out Here For $8

Red and White Bakers Twine

Perfect to wrap around some simple kraft paper, with a few sprigs of evergreen tucked underneath.

Buy Now: $8

13.  Cheers & Merry Christmas Wine Bags (Set of 2) – Check It Out Here For $19

Cheers and Merry Christmas Wine Bags

Cute & reusable.  And you know you’re giving wine to someone this season.

Buy Now: $19

14.  Merry Christmas Wired Ribbon – Check It Out Here For $15

Merry Christmas Ribbon

The perfect addition to simple red wrapping paper.

Buy Now: $15

15.  Metallic Kraft Christmas Wrapping Paper Rolls (3 Count) – Check It Out Here For $25

Metallic Christmas Wrapping Paper

When you want to mix and match, but still want everything to coordinate.

Buy Now: $25

16.  Gold & Red Gift Boxes – Check It Out Here Starting At $9

Gold And Red Gift Boxes

Sturdy, but festive…these take the wrapping out of wrapping.

Buy Now: $9

17.  Flaked Snowman Foil Wrapping Paper Roll – Check It Out Here For $8

Snowman Wrapping Paper

Because everyone loves snowmen.  They’re just so….cute.

Buy Now: $8

18.  Gold On Purple Fine Paper (20″ x 30″ sheet) – Check It Out Here For $7

Gold and Purple Wrapping Paper

For that one gift that just has to look perfect.

Buy Now: $7

19.  Chloe characters tissue paper (3 sheets) Check It Out Here For $3.50

Christmas Tissue Paper

How cute are these little fellows?  The perfect way to jazz up a simple red gift bag.

Buy Now: $3.50

20.  Light Up Gift Boxes (Set of 6) – Check It Out Here For $25

Light Up Gift Boxes

These little light up gift boxes will actually hold a small gift inside.  A fun option for gifting cash or jewelry (or a car key for the lucky stiff who’s getting a car).

Buy Now: $25