11 Must-Have Wedding Gifts in 2017 for the Bride(s) and Groom(s)

10 Best Wedding Gifts 2016 - Unique Wedding Gift Ideas 2017

…because it’s officially wedding season.  I mean, is it ever not wedding season?!  Sure you can give cash and, truth be told, most of us do, but in a sea of impersonal wedding checks the happy couple will be elated to actually open something up after the wedding.  Plus, when you buy online you can just directly ship to their home and walk into the wedding stress-free.  Shop our picks of the 10 the best selling wedding gifts and ideas of 2017:

1.  Waterford ‘Love & Romance’ Wedding Vase – Buy It Here For $100

Wedding Gifts 2016: Waterford Flower Vase

Buy Now On Sale: $100

If you’re going to gift a vase for a wedding it has to be Waterford.  Plus, the subtle heart crystal design is everything.

2.  Smeg Pastel Blue Retro Blender – Buy It Here For $250

Wedding Gift 2016: Smeg Pastel Blue Blender 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $250

Because it’s still ok to gift a blender and, if you are, it totally needs to be the coolest blender ever.  Plus, bonus points for choosing the official Pantone Color of the Year.

3.  Kate Spade ‘Take the Cake’ Silver Wedding Picture Frame – Buy It Here For $75

Kate Spade Wedding Gift Picture Frame 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $75

Super sleek picture frame (8 x 10) with a light hint of blue (something blue) and the words ‘Happily Ever After’ engraved in the bottom.  Decently priced, you might as well grab 2 (you know, one for the second wedding).

4.  Chic Ceramic Tall Coffee Mug – Buy It Here For $15

It's Coffee to Me - Coffee Mug Gift Idea 2016

Buy Now: $15

The perfect way to start the wedding day off, this chic AF oversized ceramic 16. oz coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and, to be honest, will make the rest of your lame mugs jealous. She’ll love the the latte style mug to change up her morning routine.  Coffee, wine, or a little rum.  Hey, we don’t judge.  It’s coffee to me!


5.  Baccarat ‘Dom Perignon’ Champagne Flutes (Set of 2) – Buy It Here For $260

Top Wedding Gifts 2016: Dom Perignon Champagne Flutes 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $260

Because you absolutely can’t go wrong with anything centering around Don Perignon.  #ThanksChampagne

6.  Personalized Couple Tandem Bike Art – Buy It Here For $110

Couples Portrait for Wedding Gifts

Buy Now On Sale: $110

Such a fun concept for a wedding gift!  The artist will let you choose from a variety of options like skintone, background and even make a spot for your little pup too.

7.  Jonathan Adler ‘Mr. & Mrs’ Salt and Pepper Shakers – Buy It Here For $48

Mr. & Mrs Salt & Pepper Shakers 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $48

Who doesn’t love super cool salt and pepper shakers?  Perfect for any wedding, they’ll love that it’s designed by Jonathan Adler.

8.  Mr. & Mr. ‘For the Couple’ Silver Beaded Wedding Picture Frame – Buy It Here For $32

Mr. & Mr. Wedding Picture Frame Gift 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $32

Welcome to the 2000’s!  These silver frames also come in ‘Mrs. & Mrs’ and the old-timey ‘Mr. & Mrs.’  A nice touch to any wedding gift.

9.  The Personalized Wedding Songbird Vase – Buy It Here For $150

Personalized Couples Vase: Wedding Gifts 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $150

The cutest lovebirds ever!  The artist will personalize for you by adding the couples initials and their special wedding date (or any date for that matter!)

10.  Mr & Mrs Muse Mustache & Lips Napkin Rings (Set of Four) – Buy It Here For $128

Jonathan Adler Napkin Rings for Wedding Gift

Buy Now On Sale: $128

When All Else Fails Buy One of These Gift Cards Online: [ Swipe Left! ]


11.  Celebratory Cohiba Robusto Wedding Cigars – Buy a Box of 25 Here For $252

Best Cigars 2016 - Cigars Online from Cheap to Expensive 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $252

Because, you know what, after a zillion vases, champagne flutes and cake cutters (!?) maybe it’s time the groom gets something he wants for a change.  Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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