The 9 Most Annoying Things about Waiters and Waitresses


There is nothing quite like sitting down and having a stranger bring you food and drink and then take it away when you are done. However, there are a few annoying things that NEED to go. #9. Taking your plate away when you aren’t finish   #8. Telling you the specials (really long and complicated […]

The Meatball Recipe from The Meatball Shop is Literally My Reason for Living


One of the best casual, yet trendy, dining experiences in New York City is The Meatball Shop.  Once you go to one of their 6 locations you’ll be forever changed.  The co-owners, Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman, released one of their own recipes to the public, which I highly recommend you try. However, nothing beats the […]

Taylor Oyster Bar: Fresh, Local Shellfish in Seattle

Taylor Oyster Bar

Photo via Western Neon’s Instagram Sometimes when you are traveling you just get lucky, no research, just dumb luck.  I wanted to taste some of the shellfish the Pacific Northeast had to offer when in Seattle but I hadn’t had the time to figure out where to visit.  We had some extra time before our […]

Mamnoon: A Middle Eastern Treat in Seattle


The Capital Hill area of Seattle reminds me a lot of Brolyn.  The hipsters have created out a nice enclave of good food, impeccably brewed coffee and perfectly concocted cocktails – yes, cocktails.  This groundwork generally makes for a very nice food scene, and Mamnoon is no exception. As you walk into Mamnoon the fragrant spices […]

The Top Copycat Recipes So You Never Have to Leave Your House


  …because sometimes leaving the house is just too much work.  Try out some of these copycat recipes and throw all your New Year resolutions directly out the window. 1.  How to Make a Copycat Wendy’s-Like Chocolate Frosty This beats me waiting in the drive-thru at 2am and slurring that I want a chocolate frosty and […]

Japanese Restaurant Bans Couples on Christmas Eve


Take THAT all you happy couples out there!  A Japanese restaurant has taken a stand on couples coming to dine in their establishment on Christmas Eve. The owner of PiaPia, a restaurant in Tyo, has placed a handwritten sign in the window of his restaurant that says, We will be refusing entry to all couples […]

Primanti Bros: I’m Calling It The Best Sandwich Ever

Pirmanti Half Sandwich

There are a lot of great things about Pittsburgh but, trust me, there may be no better asset than Primanti Bros.  Established in the early 1930’s in the city’s now hip Strip District, where it still remains, the now famous  sandwich (in infamous, depending on how many you eat) was originally created for truckers traveling […]

Picca: Why I Like Peruvian Food


If you are like me, the menu terminology at Picca will be foreign and not intuitive.  Not to scare you but there are some definitions that should help you understand your meal better. Causa Bar – Causa is like Sushi but swap out the rice for whipped potato, chilled and cut into a perfect rectangle […]

I Need To Eat the Fried Twinkie Burger Right Now


I know on past occasions I’ve railed against combining foods but this time Philaphia’s PYT may have won me over with their Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger.   The Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger is a “custom-blend” pork belly patty, American cheese, and bacon, all sandwiched between two deep-fried Twinkies.  The Twinkies are the bun. Perfect right? Check out of PYT’s concoctions here […]

Fig: Where I Stumble Into a Good Meal From The Bungalow

FIG Resturant

A relatively new option in Santa Monica, Fig is within the entrance of the Fairmont Hotel.  I highly recommend a drink at The Bungalow before dinner but that is another story. In general I stay away from restaurants located in hotels.  Maybe I associate the free breakfast buffet or continental breakfast between the hours of […]

Bluecoast Seafood Grill: My Restaurant Home

bluecoast bethany beach delaware

There are places that over time can feel like home, as if you are in your own kitchen.  Bluecoast has become that restaurant for us.  Situated on Route 1 in aware, about a mile north of Bethany Beach, Bluecoast overlos the Salt Pond.   The dinning room itself is very noisy so the bar is […]

Michael’s: My Experience With Food History

Michael's Santa Monica

  Barbuto is a must stop in NYC, Johnathan Waxman’s wood fired roast chicken is a game changer.  One could argue that it is the best chicken dish out there, certainty the best I have experianced.  In 1979 Johnathan Waxman opened his first restaurant, Michael’s, which was a ground breaking restaurant for its time.  People […]

Blue Plate Oysterette: My East Coast Fish Shack in Santa Monica

blue plate oysterette

  Comfort food comes in many forms for different people.  Growing up on the East Coast comfort food is oysters, blue crabs and fish.  Blue Plate Oysterette’s original restaurant in Santa Monica always ivers on excellent seafood.  Bonus points for a great beer selections and seats outside that enable you to peek out at the […]

Loteria: The LA Farmer’s Market My Go To Spot at LAX’s Terminal 5

Loteria - Farmer's Market

The LA Farmer’s Market was a must stop for years.  Recently I have had less reason to be in the area and it is harder and harder to find myself there.  It is shame, since it is an experience that anyone interested in food will enjoy.  It is not a open air produce market as much as it […]

Milo & Olive: I Needed Pizza Badly and I Was Plesently Surprised

Milo & Olive

There are days that only pizza can fix.  Thankfully living in NYC I have my pick of places to indulge, allowing the cheese, crispy crust and chili peppers wash away a bad day.  Unfortunately I was over 3,000 miles away for this bad day in Los Angeles.  I have been to Osteria Mozza before but bad […]

Tar & Roses: My Santa Monica Small Plates Love Affair

Tar and Roses

  Small plates are in general a good thing, as long as the restaurant in question has set out to perfect the small plate and not leaving you hungry.  Tar & Roses gives comfort and ivers big flavors with each small plate.  I sat at the bar, as I like to do when dining alone, […]

Sushi Seki: Sushi That Never Disappoints Me

Sake Tasting

  Living in NYC one would think it would abound with great sushi options. Call me a snob but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The local Upper East Side sushi joint sent our dear friend to Lenox Hill and a two week supply to a strong antibiotic. Needless to say I haven’t been […]