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Get Buzzed: 11 Best Beard Trimmers & Shavers in 2017

Best Beard & Mustache Trimmers Reviews For 2016

  There’s no doubt that beards are here to stay.  Once considered a flash-in-the-pan trend brought back by 98.4% of the hipsters living in Brolyn, sporting a beard has gone mainstream, yes, even in the work place.  Truth by told, we’re relieved as there wasn’t a worse task to start every morning than having to shave. […]

Surfs Up: Lavett & Chin Sea Salt Spray & Hair Mist

Best Sea Salt Spray 2016 - Lavette & Chin Hair Mist Hair Spray Review

You know how you want it to lo like you’re not trying with your hair when you’re actually trying quite a bit?  It’s cool, we get it.  You could blame hipsters but, truth be told, we blame the cave people.  It really started with them. We everything about the beach, including the easy breezy […]

11 Inspirational Short to Long Hairstyles For Men in 2017


The geniuses at Cut Video are at it again and this time they’ve trapped us in a time machine of men’s hairstyles and haircuts over the past 100 years.  While many of these you may never be caught dead in, in 2016 you can always take inspiration and ideas from the past.  Let’s face it, […]

50 Years of David Bowie Hairstyles in One Quick Gif

50 years of david bowie hairstyles gif

How cool is this! If you’re a Bowie fan this will make your week. If not, maybe you just like staring at your screen whilst this gif hypnotizes you. Either way, it’s a win/win. Brilliant artist, Helen Green, put together a little birthday present for David Bowie which consisted of drawing every creative hairstyle Bowie […]

The Official Flower Hipster Beard is Here


I’m not sure if it’s hip to say ‘hipster’ any, but who can keep up…really?  A grown out beard is still a facial statement piece, but this time around we’re seeing the latest trend;  flowers in your beard.  Can we still do #FlowerBeard?  Flip through our 12 favorite beards with a variety of flowers strategically […]