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Love Club: Top 36 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in 2017

2016 Christmas Gifts for Dad - Top Holiday Present Ideas for Father Into 2017

…because it’s officially that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. Didn’t we just get over Christmas?!  What can you really get the man who has everything, yet uses none of it?  Him.  He’s the best.  We’ve rounded up some of the coolest Valentine’s gifts and ideas for your best bud…or the man.  From dad to son or husband to […]

16 Best Designer Watches For Men Perfect for Valentine’s Day 2017

Best Mens Watches 2016 - Watch Band Reviews for Men

…because it’s time to dress your wrist up and give it the attention it deserves.  Shop our favorite mens watches for 2017 and beyond. Did you know your watch says a lot about you and your style?  Besides being used for practical reasons, the right watch adds a little something-something to your wrist and allows you […]

Shady Days: The Best Sunglasses for Men This Spring 2017

2016 Mens Sunglasses On Trend Aviator Wayfarer Shades 2017

…because while you’re protecting your eyes from that pesky sun, you might as well lo good at the same time. From Aviators and Wayfarer to Ray Ban and Oakley we’ve got you covered. Sunglasses are like shoes, you don’t just own one pair.  Some sunglasses are perfect to sport with your work attire (yawn), others are […]

Spring Fragrances: Top 16 Perfumes For Women This Season


The seasons are changing and it’s officially time to update your signature scent.  It’s a perfume jungle out there and whether you’re loing for the perfect fragrance for your wife, girlfriend, mom…or you’re just loing for something fresh and new for yourself, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our picks for some of the best-selling perfumes this season, including a […]

The 10 Best Boots for Winter 2017. Snow Kidding.


…because Mother Nature can be a filthy little minx. Gear up for endless months of snow, sleet, ice, slush, freezing rain and everything in between.  Just because winter is ugly doesn’t mean your boots have to be. Whether you’re a fan of Sorel, Timberland or classic LL Bean we’ve got something for everyone.  Shop our […]

Top 51 Christmas Gifts for Men This 2017 Holiday Season


…because we’re all in need of gift ideas this holiday season. How is it already that time of year?  It doesn’t always have to only be ties and gs for the holidays so browse our picks and gather some great Christmas gift ideas for all the great men in your life.  If you have a husband, brother, […]

12 Must-Have Men’s Scarves This Winter

2016 Scarves for Men 2017 - Best Cashmere, Wool, Plaid Men's Scarf on Sale

…because it’s that time of year (again) so let us help you pick a scarf or two to switch up your fall-into-winter lo. It’s officially time to up your scarf game.  This season wide checks and thick colorful solids are the must-have trend.  We officially give you our blessing on owning than one scarf even […]

15 Best Gifts for Co-Workers or More Importantly…Your Boss


…because what are you really supposed to get the people you spend time with than anyone else in the world?  Yes, we’re talking about your co-workers and awkwardly…your boss.  Sure booze is the easiest gift you can give, but if you’re not going to send a classic wine gift, shop our picks for […]

7 Best Deodorants for Men in 2017 That Actually Work

Best Deodorant & Antiperspirant for Men 2016 Drugstore & Designer Deodorants Reviewed

…because, really, not all deodorants are created equal.  We’ve tested a ton of deodorants and antiperspirants, including some newbies, and put together the ultimate deodorant list all men need to know about this season.  Some smell great, some are uber-long-lasting, and some keep away those nasty yellow pit stains from your tees and shirts.  You […]

10 Best Messenger Bags Perfect for Laptops

2016 Best Mens Messenger Bags - Laptop & Computer Bags 2017

…because, let’s face it, we need to carry our darn laptop back and forth to work every. single. day.  Plus, sometimes it rains and so we need to store our travel umbrella and, well, we need a place for our keys too.  Oh and all those business cards…and pens…and spare set of sunglasses.  Ugh, this […]

Hit the Links: Top 14 Cufflinks for Men

Best Cufflinks 2016 - Cool Silver & Designer Cuff Links for Men 2017

…because your sleeve cuffs need a little bling. Sure cufflinks can be useful, but depending on how bold you’re willing to go they can really make a statement. From classically formal to surprisingly fun, here’s our picks for some of the best and coolest cufflinks for men in 2015.

15 Best Beard Oils for Beardy Guys in 2017

Buy Best Beard Oils 2016 for Men's Beards

Because if you’re going to take the time to grow the beard of all beards, you need to take care of it, groom it, and nurture it on the regular.  Using the right beard oil for your hair and skin type can make all the difference.  It’ll keep your beard hydrated, moisturized, softened and tamed […]

On Trend: The Best Men’s Ties You Need This Winter

Best Christmas Ties for Men 2015 - 2016 Gift

…because with parties, work events, and endless dinners you’re going to need some innovative tie options to keep things fresh. From your classic black skinny ties to pops of color on your bow tie, we’ve got you covered for all your tie dilemmas. Introducing “The Ultimate Men’s Tie Guide” for the winter 2017 season.  This year […]

12 Best Desert Boots and Chukkas for Winter 2017

Best Desert Boots in 2016 for Men - Leather & Suede Boots

…because with the pending changing of the season it’s time to upgrade your old beaten up desert boots. Whether you’re loing for classic tans or still want to go bold with gray or a pop of blue we’ve got you covered.  This season we’re seeing two-tone chukka boots, leather-suede combos, and everything in between.  Shop our top picks for […]

Best Tea Tree Shampoos to Finally Stop the Itch!

Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Itchy Scalp 2016 - Top Tea Tree Oils

…because you can hold your itchy scalp up with pride knowing you’re not alone in the battle to stop the itch! I first started using a tea tree shampoo after my dermatologist made the recommendation when I was in my late teens and on a variety of acne meds…all that seemed to have the common […]

Clean Your Mug: 9 Best Face Washes & Scrubs

2016 Best Face Wash & Scrubs for Men and Women Reviewed

…because you don’t need to use your girlfriend’s flowery face wash any. From too much sun exposure and sloppy shaving sometimes our face could use a little refresher.  Whether you have oily skin or dry skin you need a little something extra that will help with your current skin situation and still get you ready […]

Bar None: The Best Tie Clips Your Shirt Needs, STAT!

tie bar tie clip guide 2015

…because a tie bar and tie clip is both functional and stylish all at the same time.  Bling out your tie and let your personality shine through.  Shop our picks for the top ten tie bars and clips for 2017. We get asked a lot if the ship has sailed on the tie bar & clip […]

Get Buzzed: 11 Best Beard Trimmers & Shavers in 2017

Best Beard & Mustache Trimmers Reviews For 2016

  There’s no doubt that beards are here to stay.  Once considered a flash-in-the-pan trend brought back by 98.4% of the hipsters living in Brolyn, sporting a beard has gone mainstream, yes, even in the work place.  Truth by told, we’re relieved as there wasn’t a worse task to start every morning than having to shave. […]

16 of the Coolest Groomsmen Gifts in 2017

Best Groomsmen Gifts 2016 into 2017

Because these guys have been with you since day one so, let’s face it, it’s time to reward them for sticking by you (and keeping their mouths shut about what happened at the bachelor party).  We’ve rounded up some of the best groomsmen gift ideas for 2016.  From classic to unique, we got your guys […]

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors for 2017

New Humidors for Cigars in 2016

…because when it comes to your cigar collection, you really shouldn’t mess around.  As you know, it’s super important to keep these bad boys stored perfectly at all times.  Whether you’re loing to buy a humidor for yourself or are loing to gift one (or two) for someone else (like Father’s Day, Christmas or your […]

11 Best Vans Slip Ons for Guys This Spring/Summer 2017

Best Slip On Vans for Men 2016 Spring-Summer

…because no matter what your age, there’s nothing better than the feeling of just slipping on your shoes or sneakers. Vans is one of our favorite traditional slip on sneakers and for the past few years they’ve been kicking things up a notch with bold colors, s, fabrics and designs. Perfect for the summer, fall […]

The Official 2017 Men’s Underwear Guide

Best Mens Underwear 2016 - Boxers, Briefs, & Boxer Briefs for Men 2017

Because we’re all in this together! When the waistband is busted or your name is still written on the back tag it’s probably time for an upgrade. Shop our top ten picks for the best mens underwear in 2016. It’s the year of the stripe. Live a little!

8 Best Baseball Caps for Summer 2015


…because not every hat you have has to support your favorite team. Flip through our favorite 8 baseball caps to freshen up your supply heading into summer 2015.

Using A Straight Razor (without Sweeney Todd in the background)


We previously touched on The Art of Shaving Like A Man in which we outd the most important tool for the job: the straight razor. Perhaps though we just skimmed over the straight razor in all of its sharpened glory. And while they have been overshadowed since WWII by the safety razor (which incorporates a […]

Best Men’s Umbrellas to Combat Spring Showers

best mens umbrellas 2015 2016

A change in temperature can mean a change in than just your wardrobe.  Stay dry this spring 2015, but turn some heads too with our picks for the best umbrellas of the season. 1.  London Undercover Camo Umbrella Because we’re all army guys in our mind.  Certainly on the expensive end, but great quality […]

My New Favorite All Natural Shaving Products

All Natural Mens Shave Products

It seems like most of us have accepted the fact that natural foods are better for us and healthier for our bodies.  The folks at the Portland General Store rightfully point out that our skin is our largest organ, so it seems we should also treat our largest organ to an all-natural experience too. The […]

Top 5 Gadgets And Gear For The Urban Explorer

Urban Exploring 1

For a couple of years now I have been enad by parkour and urban exploring. Ever since I saw a YouTube video of some snowboarders shredding the terrain created by a recent snowfall in a defunct Detroit warehouse I have taken to the concept of urban exploring. So what is urban exploring? Urban exploration is […]