Watch Every Celebrity Ever Sing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ on the Colbert Report Finale

Stephen Colbert bid farewell last night on The Colbert Report and did so in style, as predicted. What wasn’t predicted was the number of celebrities, politicians, news anchors, Presidents and characters from Sesame Street that would join him in a sing-a-long to “We’ll Meet Again.” Check out the touching, yet funny (since no one seemed to know the words to the song except ‘we’ll meet again’) and see if you can spot the likes of Bill Clinton, Cookie Monster, Tom Brokaw, Cyndi Lauper, James Franco, George Lucas, Willie Nelson, Barry Manilow, Bryan Cranston…and dozens of other celebrities.


bill-clinton-tweet-colbert-report-well-meet-againjames-franco-cookie-monster-colbert-well-meet-again willie-nelson-bryan-cranston-colbert-well-meet-again tom-browcow-mandy-colbert-well-meet-again